Did you know there are over 1.2 million doctors who are legally allowed to perform injectables in the United States? However, less than 7% are qualified to be an expert injector. Lonetree, Colorado Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Gregory Buford is one of a carefully selected few expert injectors.

Renu Laser and Skin Care


At Renu Laser and Skin Care we specialize in Laser Hair Removal. Our virtually painless, State of the Art Soprano XL Laser will eliminate your unwanted hair within approximately 6 treatments. The beautiful results will accent and enhance your procedures performed by Dr. Gregory Buford, MD FACS, our Medical Director.

Liquid Face Lift Association


The Liquid Face Lift Association is a non profit association of licensed physicians who are highly experienced in the use of advanced liquid face lift products, including dermal fillers such as JUVÉDERM®, Sculptra®, as well as BOTOX®. The average member physician has performed over 5,000 BOTOX® procedures and nearly 5,000 dermal filler procedures.

Dermal Filler News


Dermal Filler New is the most comprehensive source of information about non surgical alternatives to sculpt and lift facial features. We also provide extensive information from leading U.S. physicians about removing wrinkles with advanced dermal fillers such as JUVÉDERM® and Sculptra®.


Gerson Lehrman Group Intelligently Connecting Institutions and Expertise. Gerson Lehrman Group is the global marketplace for expertise. Their technology-enabled platform for collaboration and consultation has helped the world’s leading institutions find, engage, and manage experts across a broad range of industries and disciplines.

Dr. Buford is a Top Level Advisor the Gerson Lehrman Group’s financial services clients. Gerson Lehrman Group clusters experts with similar professional backgrounds (based on industry expertise, experience level, job function, geography and others) into ‘Study Groups’. Study Groups that Dr. Gregory Buford leads include Breast Implant Surgeons, Physicians who perform Breast Implant Surgery, Physicians who Implant Silicone Breast Implants, and JUVÉDERM® Users, Cosmetic Dermatologists, just to name a few.

The Monarch Retreat

Aftercare for Surgery Recover

After any type of plastic cosmetic procedure, Dr. Gregory Buford will recommend that you have someone care you and help you during the first few days following your surgery. If you are unable to have to someone care for you or would just simply like to pampered from head to toe following your surgery, we highly recommend the Monarch Retreat in Cherry Creek. They are able to pick you up following surgery and bring you to their lavish recovery center. The price includes an overnight stay in your own over sized suite with a private bathroom, chef prepared meals, and 24 hour nursing care. All of your needs will be met here and Dr. Gregory Buford recommends The Monarch Retreat to all of his patients.


Soulstice, Ltd. works collaboratively with Dr. Gregory Buford and his clients to enhance the client’s overall surgical and trauma rehabilitation. Soulstice’s restorative therapies are specialized and geared toward reducing post-operative bruising, swelling, scaring and depression, as well as postural distortion and muscle imbalance due to the natural guarding that occurs during the healing process. Soulstice designs an individual massage treatment protocol that most benefits a clients’ recovery process. For more than 10 years, Soulstice, Ltd. has helped hundreds of clients recover from surgical procedures, rehab from injuries, and recuperate from the stresses of daily life. The Soulstice massage treatment program speeds recovery by supporting the client’s physiological and psychological well-being.