Dr. Buford Talks Plastic Surgery & ThermiVa on “Bedroom Discussions”

Recently, Dr. Buford had the opportunity to sit down and chat with Emily Weng, a former patient and host of the radio show “Bedroom Discussions.” Emily is a leading intimacy expert and radio personality who brings discussions of intimacy, empowerment, and sexuality into the public conversation.

In the interview, Dr. Buford discusses the latest in non-surgical feminine rejuvenation: ThermiVa™. Covering everything from the cost to how treatment can improve your sex life, Dr. Buford and Emily openly discuss ThermiVa and how it can help the millions of women who are uncomfortable with the look or feel of their vaginal area.

Listen to the full interview below.

1/9/15 Bedroom Discussions hosted by Emily Weng. Featured Guest Gregory A. Buford, MD, FACS, PCEO (Plastic Surgery) by Emily Weng Bedroom Discussions on Mixcloud