Dr. Buford Weighs in on What to Eat to Look Younger & Heal Faster

what to eat to look younger dr gregory buford bone broth recipe
Most of us would be elated to find the fountain of youth—or at least look and feel like the best version of ourselves well past middle age. While we have yet to find a magical spring that guarantees eternal youth in one refreshing sip, there are simple (and surprisingly affordable!) habits you can implement that can keep you looking younger for longer.

Dr. Buford was recently interviewed by The Holistic Plastic Surgery Show on Look Live Be Audio about steps you can take to heal more quickly after surgery, feel better than ever before, and generally maintain a healthy lifestyle with minimal effort. It’s a fantastic interview with great information to help you improve the anti-aging power of your diet, supplement lineup, and lifestyle. We’ve summed up the main takeaways below.

Aging isn’t just what happens on the outside, it’s also happening internally. It’s better to invest in good health now than to pay to heal your diseases later.— Gregory A. Buford, MD, FACS, PCEO

Food is a drug—use it wisely

As the author of Eat, Drink, Heal: the Art and Science of Surgical Nutrition, an advocate for healthy living, and an experienced male physique competitor, Gregory A. Buford, MD, FACS, PCEO knows firsthand the difference a healthy diet and lifestyle can make in how you look, feel, and perform.

What you put into your body impacts everything from your skin tone to your energy levels. But if you’re totally over the stress of tiresome eating plans, don’t worry—you don’t have to follow complicated diet rules or break the bank to support youthful health.

Dr. Buford advocates for a few key ideas you can easily keep in your head. First, make sure the bulk of your intake is comprised of whole, organic foods, including plenty of high-quality proteins and good fats. Second, avoid processed and junk food. Read ingredients on anything that comes pre-packaged—even if the label proclaims it’s healthy—and skip food with additives. These two basic principles will give your body the best chance at functioning optimally as well as looking good. While his book offers additional details and easy-to-memorize recipes, Dr. Buford’s goal is to empower people to make better food choices, wherever life takes them.

He also advises that if you’re planning on having any type of surgery, now is the time to double down on healthy eating. Not only will the extra nutrients (especially protein) fuel the healing process, but a diet rich in whole foods and fresh produce will give you the fiber you need to keep things moving smoothly.

Be savvy about supplements

Stop thinking of vitamins as fruit flavored chewables of your favorite cartoons! Many patients forgo vitamins after childhood, but Dr. Buford says the right supplements can make a big difference—he credits his daily protein shakes for helping him keep his 50-something body in top shape and looking great.

Before heading to the health food store, be sure you get an experienced healthcare provider’s input; you’ll want to identify which nutrients your body needs, vs jumping on the latest trending supplement. A simple blood test can save you from wasting money on things your body doesn’t need more of as well as identify what you might be missing.

Be aware that vitamins & supplements aren’t regulated as strictly as pharmaceuticals. Your doctor can help you find quality products and steer of bogus potions.

Which superfoods are really super?

From chaga mushrooms to turmeric, it seems a new “superfood” emerges every week. Two that Dr. Buford has researched and says really live up to the hype? Collagen and bone broth. Regularly taking in collagen has been shown to hydrate the skin and visibly improve fine lines and wrinkles. You can find bovine collagen supplements, but Dr. Buford prefers the tastier, whole-foods option of bone broth, which contains an abundance of high-quality collagen. Dr. Buford himself keeps a 40 quart cooking pot stocked most of the time. The good news is it’s easy to make; you can find his favorite bone broth recipe in Eat, Drink, Heal.

Healing well and feeling well starts with knowledge

We’ve just scratched the surface of what Dr. Buford shares about diet and wellness, not only in the audio interview but also with his Denver plastic surgery patients. As he puts it, aging isn’t just what happens on the outside, it’s also happening internally. It’s better to pay for good health now than to pay to heal your diseases later.

Ready to make some changes? Contact us today to learn more about how to prepare for surgery and ways to maintain your results for years to come.