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November 29, 2013
Dr. Buford is always amazing and professional..the…

Dr. Buford is always amazing and professional..the best place for everything beauty! 🙂

—Facebook Reviewer

July 25, 2013
Great Heath and wellness ideas!

Great Heath and wellness ideas!

—Facebook Reviewer

May 22, 2012
Dr. Buford is without a doubt the best plastic…

Dr. Buford is without a doubt the best plastic surgeon in Colorado. I recently had breast augmentation. Not only is his staff professional, they are friendly, insightful and caring. The entire process was easier than I expected. They were there for every question or concern I had every step of the way. Dr. Buford’s bedside manner would make anyone feel safe. Additionally. I am a working professional and it was very important to me that my results left me able to still carry myself in a professional manner in work attire. Lastly, the scars are barely visible, and I am only 3 weeks out! I would, and already have, recommended him. I have several friends who went to other doctors, and after seeing my results, told me they wished they had gone to Dr. Buford.


April 5, 2012
Regardless of your age, I believe everyone…

Regardless of your age, I believe everyone "deserves" to be the best "you" can be! As most women/mothers know, we are usually last on the list of pampering and addressing our own personal needs. In my opinion; it's time to take a break, and put yourself at the top-of-the-list; don't you agree!?! When one feels recharged and more confidant; I believe you not only live a more fulfilling life, but you also project a more positive-attitude; which, of course, enriches those around you as well. I have 21-year-old twin boys that have enriched my life in ways I could have never imagined! They are truly my greatest blessings! I'm now at a point in my life where I can pamper myself a little more. Therefore, I decided to research breast augmentation; and the advancements made with silicone implants. The type-A person that I am, I spent hours reading physician (plastic surgeons) and patient blogs, YouTube videos of actual breast augmentation procedures and, of course, reviewing local plastic surgeon profiles/bios. It quickly became apparent to me that Dr. Buford not only possessed "specialized" skills; board certified and extenstive years of experience as a plastic surgeon, but was committed to an individualized approach. My entire experience has been nothing short of phenomenal!Much thanks to Dr. Buford's compassionate staff!

—Self-verified patient of Dr. Gregory A Buford

February 12, 2012
I waited 20 years to get breast augmentation…

I waited 20 years to get breast augmentation to make sure it was what i wanted to do. I met with several other doctors and got several different estimates. Loved Dr. Bufford's office, staff and the doctor himself. Answered all my questions. The only thing I was worried about was the size chosen. I wanted to go to a large C cup and since they do all the measurements in CC's i was nervous about what i would get withe the several sizes I chose. No Worry! Dr. Buford chose the right size in surgery to fit my body and how I wanted to look! I absolutely love them and recovery was only bad for a day or two. Would highly recommend the new silicone that is out there. Feel so REAL! So happy with the whole process!

—Self-verified patient of Dr. Gregory A Buford