Looking for an injector training course? Here’s why you should choose CATI facial injectables training.

Dr. Buford CATI Injectables Course TrainingIf you’re a physician, nurse, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant looking to offer your patients neuromodulator and dermal filler injections, top-notch clinical training is critical to your success. Core Aesthetics Training Institute (CATI) is a highly-rated injector training course that will fit your schedule and meet your standards, empowering you to treat your patients (or refine your expertise) with injectables throughout the face and neck.

Continue reading to learn why this facial injectables training course will help you stand apart.

What is the CATI injectables training program?

Core Aesthetics Training Institute (CATI) is a private training course that provides classroom-style didactic instruction paired with hands-on, clinical training. CATI is offered as either a 1- or 4-day course, or private training depending on your needs and experience.

The 1-day course offers didactic education and hands-on injections with aesthetic models. The 4-day course combines this with additional training: a half-day of social media marketing, practice management, and principles of aesthetic business, as well as a 2-day shadowing opportunity with Dr. Buford and Lauren where you can see real-world principles put into practice.

During the CATI course, you will learn:

  • How to evaluate facial aging
  • Facial enhancement with injectables
  • Addressing facial aging with injectables
  • Neuromodulator injection dosing and delivery
  • Dermal filler formula selection and needle & microcannula techniques
  • Combination treatment methods
  • Long-term patient treatment approaches
  • How to address a bad result from another injector
  • Handling complications resulting from injectables

At the end of the course, you will be awarded a Certificate of Completion in Facial Injectables and be eligible to purchase injectable products from Allergan, Galderma, Merz, Revance, and Evolus.

Why should I choose Core Aesthetic Training Institute (CATI) for my injectables training?

There are a number of reasons that CATI offers a caliber of training far superior to many other training programs:

1. Your trainers are highly qualified and some of the best in the business.

CATI offers you one-on-one training with highly-qualified, nationally-recognized injectable trainers from our practice. At BEAUTY by BUFORD, your trainers are Allergan MASTER Facial Injectables Trainer and board-certified plastic surgeon Gregory Buford, MD, FACS, PCEO, and board-certified dermatology physician assistant Lauren Mitschrich, PA-C.

  • Gregory A. Buford, MD, FACS, PCEO holds decades of experience in exclusive injection techniques. He has served as a consultant with a number of aesthetic brands, such as Allergan, Galderma, Merz, Revance, and Evolus as well as an advisor to top organizations such as RealSelf and Modern Aesthetics Magazine. In addition, Dr. Buford was selected as a member of the National Medical Advisory Board for the largest medspa chain in the U.S. In this capacity, and with his participation with a number of medspas in the Greater Denver Area and beyond, Dr. Buford is privy to a number of employment opportunities in this space that he can then pass along to CATI trainees. As a board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Buford takes a comprehensive approach to the aging face and offers unique expertise in methods for combination therapies.
  • Lauren Mitschrich, PA-C has extensive experience as a Certified Physician Assistant and has had the opportunity to train with several highly respected Dermatology and Plastic Surgery practices across the country, as well as with a number of well-known and leading cosmetic injectors. She now focuses her practice on injectables and skin treatments, bringing to the CATI course her well-honed injectable artistry, as well as a wealth of knowledge about injectable safety and the patient experience.

Meet The CATI Trainers

2. You will gain real-world training in a busy practice setting.

As a CATI trainee, you will have the opportunity to train in a busy practice setting, learning the techniques that our injectors offer to real patients every week. We will show you the most cutting-edge approaches to each element of facial aging and enhancement, including subtle shaping methods and off-label uses for products to create maximum results.

3. Our course takes place in state-of-the-art facilities.

You will also have the opportunity to perform injections in our brand new, state-of-the-art facility in Lone Tree, Colorado. We are a nationally-recognized training center where medical aesthetic professionals train in the use of several other non-surgical and minimally invasive techniques and procedures, as well, including Renuvion skin tightening, VASER liposuction, and EON non-surgical fat reduction.

4. CATI enables you to immediately purchase facial injectable products following the completion of your training session.

Your training is recognized by Allergan, Galderma, Merz, Revance, and Evolus for the purpose of product purchase after training. We will provide contact information for all local reps and help make introductions so that you are ready to go once you complete your course.

5. CATI is eligible for financing through PatientFi.

Our CATI course is eligible for financing through PatientFi, which allows you to make payments customized to fit your budget. Payments are also a tax-deductible business education expense. We encourage you to check with your business attorney for more information.

How does CATI compare with other Botox and filler training programs?

Our program provides didactic lessons and hands-on injection training. In addition, CATI is one of the only programs in the nation that offers participants the chance to shadow our injectors (half-day included with the basic course, two full days with the extended course). Shadowing helps to reinforce lessons from direct instruction and clinical training, giving you greater insight into how to integrate classroom knowledge into practice with real-world patients in a real-world setting.

By contrast, other injectable training courses may solely train you online, making it difficult for you to get answers to your questions and to learn nuanced techniques. We believe that an in-person, interactive approach is critical to your success.

If you are a nurse practitioner, nurse, physician, or physician assistant looking for Botox and filler training, CATI offers a hands-on course that builds on your medical training.

While many medical device and pharmaceutical companies do offer some form of training for use of injectable products, the training you receive from them is restricted by the FDA to on-label use only and is therefore unrealistically limited in scope. We prioritize teaching the full range of techniques that we actually put into practice on a daily basis.

Take the next step to becoming a facial injectables specialist in Colorado.

If you are interested in the course for yourself or your team, we encourage you to visit the CATI page on our BEAUTY by BUFORD website where you will see upcoming training dates, full program schedules, and other details on this exciting program. When you are ready, you can reserve your CATI training course during one of our upcoming sessions here. For any additional questions, we invite you to contact us by email at [email protected] or via Instagram @CoreAestheticsTraining

We are proud to announce that
CATI will soon be offering Advanced Training Courses for continued education.