3 Steps to the Best Breast Augmentation Consultation

Breast augmentation is rapidly growing in popularity both within the States as well as internationally.  And while potential patients are more prepared more than ever, many still wonder if they are doing everything the can to best prepare themselves for the actually process and before the initial consultation.

As a Board Certified Denver Plastic Surgeon and nationally recognized speaker/consultant/lecturer in the area of breast augmentation surgery, I have the pleasure of working with literally hundreds of women each year to help them achieve their goals.  And one trend I have seen over the last few years is the fact that patients are taking a more proactive stance and managing the process of Plastic Surgery more than ever before.  And that is a good thing!

Three steps to help you prepare include the following:

  1. Identify exactly what it is that you want to accomplish
  2. Identify why it is that you are doing this now
  3. Identify who is the best team to help you achieve these goals

Let’s start with the number one.  Before you even begin the consultation process, ask yourself what it is that you are trying to accomplish.  Have you always wanted larger breasts?  Have you had children and found that your breasts don’t look the same?  Or, do you simply want to improve the proportion of your breasts relative to your hips, shoulders, butt, and so forth?  Also, what size do you actually want to go to?  When you say a “C” cup, what do you really mean by that?  To better help you choose a look that is appropriate for you, I suggest that all of my patients go online and identify 2-3 photos that demonstrate what it is that you are looking for.  Make sure that the photos are clothing-free and do not pay attention to the person’s height, weight, cup size, or any other specific measurements.  Simply focus on the overall appearance and the relative proportion of the breasts to the rest of their frame.  This is critical.  And this can really help your Plastic Surgeon determine what it is that you are truly looking for.

Next, ask yourself “Why now?”  Why is it so important that you change the appearance of your breasts now?  And how serious are you in moving forward?  If you are going to take the time to actually consult with a Plastic Surgeon, make sure that you are serious before you do so and that now is the right time.  The process itself requires time and energy for you, your potential Plastic Surgeon, and his/her team and so it is appropriate that you evaluate your motivation before even beginning the process

Finally, you need to select a team.  Notice that I did not say, Plastic Surgeon.  This is important.  The choice of who physically performs your surgery (in other words, your Plastic Surgeon) is critical, but so also is the decision as to who actually guides you through the process both before and after surgery.  I would love to say that my success stories are the result of my amazing talent and ability (some of it is), but that would not be fair to my staff.  How patients define positive outcomes today is completely different from how they defined them even a few years ago.  Patients today are asking not only for amazing results but they are also asking for an amazing experience.  It is no longer acceptable to merely pass a patient through from consultation to surgery; now, the steps in-between must be evaluated and the overall experience dissected (no pun intended) to assure that it is not only seamless but also relatively effortless on the part of the patient.  You, as a patient, should be guided through the process.  You are the guest here and we are the hosts.  Our responsibility is to make sure that you enjoy not only your results but also your time with us.  And we take that responsibility to heart.

I hope that helps.  There are a number of other factors you should consider before your breast augmentation but these are really the most important.  In the end, a positive experience and an amazing outcome can literally change how you look at yourself forever.  That being said, who you choose, when you choose, and what you choose are all important in paving the way for success.

As breast augmentation (primary and secondary revision) providers my amazing team and I look forward to hearing from you and working with you to achieve your goals.  Please contact us at BEAUTY by BUFORD for more information.  You will be glad you did!