A New Use for Breast Implants

The following story is pretty grim so if you’re weak of stomach, you may not want to read on.  So here goes…

You probably know that breast implants are indicated for reconstruction and augmentation of the breast.  But did you know that they may actually help identify you?  A recent, very sad, story involves the death of model Jasmine Fiore who was found murdered in California.  According to Orange County police, her killer removed her teeth and fingers to try and block her identification.  But what the killer didn’t know is that her breast implants contained specific serial numbers.  And these serial numbers were ultimately used to successfully identify her.  Days later, her suspected killer, Ryan Alexander Jenkins was found dead as the result of a suicide and he will never stand trial for this horrific crime.

The moral of the story is…while breast implants alone may not define you, they can certainly identify you.