Dr. Buford In the Media

Dr. Buford and his talented staff are proud to have been recognized by a number of organizations for their commitment to patient safety and beautiful results. Over the years, Dr. Buford has been featured in a number of both local and national publications, podcasts, and websites. See his recognitions and media appearances below.

New Articles & Media Featuring Dr. Buford

Dr. Buford mentioned in Harper’s Bazaar Germany

Dr. Buford shares his expertise on EON body contouring in this article about the latest innovations of laser technology in the medical and aesthetics industries.

Dr. Buford Interview with Harper’s Bazaar

Dr. Buford dives into EON body contouring – what is is, how it works, what is treats, and why he believes this innovative technology to be the next big thing in body contouring.

Dr. Buford mentioned in AEDIT article

Dr. Buford discusses how to treat and prevent fat necrosis, a complication of fat grafting and breast reconstruction.

Dr. Buford mentioned in AEDIT article

In Breast Implants 101: Your Guide To Type, Shape, Texture, And More, AEDIT speaks to “the man who quite literally wrote the book on implants”, our very own Dr. Buford.

Dr. Buford mentioned in AEDIT article

Dr. Buford shares how cosmetic procedures can address body asymmetry.

Dr. Buford appearance on “How I Scaled My Aesthetic Clinic” Podcast

Dr. Buford was featured in an episode of the How I Scaled My Aesthetic Clinic podcast, where he discussed how he has successfully built extraordinary patient loyalty.

Dr. Buford mentioned in AEDIT article

Dr. Buford chimes in on how you can take the proper steps to minimize your scars after a surgical procedure.

Dr. Buford interview with ShoutoutColorado

Dr. Buford sat down with ShoutoutColorado and talked about starting his own business, his favorite local spots, and more.

Dr. Gregory Buford meets with RealSelf to discuss how beauty influencers impact the medical aesthetics industry.

Dr. Buford & Top Docs Discuss Reopening Their Practices and What Patients Want

While participating in the Aesthetic Industry Association’s recent Crisis Call, Michael Gold, M.D., F.A.A.D., and Gregory Buford, M.D., F.A.C.S., related how their reopened practices are doing from a business standpoint and in terms of what treatments patients have been requesting.

Aesthetics Across Specialties with Dr. Buford

A discussion of the evolution of aesthetics across specialties over the past two decades, from the introduction of Botox for wrinkles to tumescent liposuction, and the overall benefits of having a multispecialty community working together to advance the space.

Is Social Media Destroying Medicine?

At a recent Real Self Advisory Board meeting, Dr. Buford and other’s give input on whether there’s a risk that true experts are being drowned out and diluted by social media influencers, Dr. Google, and the like.

The Rise of Telemedicine, featuring Dr. Buford

Digital platforms are helping aesthetic practices weather coronavirus-related shutdowns—and are likely to see increased use long after the emergency ends.

Dr. Buford Discuss Aesthetic Procedures Resuming During COVID-19

Plastic surgery, dermatology, and dentistry practices are reopening, but the experience is not what it used to be. Here’s what you need to know before your next aesthetic appointment, from Dr. Buford and Vivian Mood, Assistant Editor at aedit.com.

Post-Procedure Exercise Guidelines According to Dr. Buford and AEDIT

One of the most common questions plastic surgeons are asked during a consultation: ‘When can I start working out again?’ Dr. Buford break down the general rules and why they stand true.

Dr. Buford Interviewed by RealSelf University

From the how the dumbest thing anyone ever said to him about the practice of medicine turned into his entire practice marketing philosophy, to the hard lessons he’s learned in marketing, to the questions you have to ask before you build a website—and more!

Dr. Buford Talks with Aesthetic Edit About Correcting C-Section Scars

Lesley Rotchford of Aesthetic Edit recently interviewed Dr. Buford about various ways to improve the appearance of c-section scars, including laser skin resurfacing, microneedling with PRP, and surgery.

Anthony Youn, MD of Holistic Plastic Surgery Show Interviews Dr. Buford

Dr. Buford recently spoke with Dr. Anthony Youn about “nutraceuticals” and how what you eat can have a profound effect on your appearance and how you heal from surgery.

Dr. Buford Talks Microtreatments on KDVR’s Colorado’s Best Show

Aesthetic technology just keeps getting better—it can be tough to keep up with all the latest options yourself. Never fear, Dr. Buford is one of the nation’s leading authorities on minimally invasive aesthetic medicine. He recently joined Joana Canals and Paula Haddock on Colorado’s Best to discuss the latest in non-surgical “microtreatments” for beautiful, lasting results without a major procedure.

Dr. Buford chat with Ryan Estes about Eat, Drink, Heal

Last month, Dr. Buford spoke with Velocity with Ryan Estes about Eat, Drink, Heal and how the right nutrition can help you live a better life.

Thinking About Crowd-Funding Your Cosmetic Surgery? Dr. Buford Tells Zwivel Why it May Not Be a Great Idea

A breast augmentation or tummy tuck may carry a high price tag, but is asking friends and family the best way to fund your procedure? The experts say no. Instead, ask your surgeon about their plastic surgery financing options.

Dr. Buford Talks with Zwivel About Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

Breast implants still reign as the best choice for seeing dramatic improvements in breast size and shape, but there is a natural alternative: fat transfer to the breast.

Dr. Buford Weighs in on Aging on Zwivel

Wondering what you can do to look a bit younger? Dr. Buford was recently interviewed by Zwivel about the 5 ways you can look 5 years younger.

Dr. Bufords Discusses Black Market Butt Injections with Rooster Magazine

There’s no question that a “bootylicious” look is what’s in—but at what cost? Dr. Buford recently talked with Rooster about the dangers of black market butt injections and who patients should visit for safe, beautiful results.

Romper Asks Dr. Buford About Postpartum Breast Changes

Wondering what happens to your breasts during and after pregnancy? You’ll want to check out Dr. Buford’s article with Romper!

Dr. Buford Chats with The Tab About Steven Bannon’s Face

Love them or hate them, politicians become a large part of our lives—and their looks can be hard to ignore. Recently, The Tab reached out to Dr. Buford to talk about Steve Bannon’s haggard appearance.

Awards & Recognitions


Doctors’ Choice Awards Announces the Winners of the Doctors’ Choice Awards in Plastic Surgery for 2015.  Congratulations to Dr. Gregory Buford for his selection as one of 8 Plastic Surgeons nationally.

Juvederm_VolumaXC logo 4c

Allergan recently named Dr. Gregory Buford as Master Trainer for VOLUMA XC.  This title has been granted to only 27 nationally recognized trainers across the United States and is based upon level of experience and technical prowess with this revolutionary new filler.


BEAUTY by BUFORD was recognized as a Diamond Level account.  This status is awarded on a yearly basis to the top 1% of national accounts.

Dr. Buford was named a “Top Doc” by popular online cosmetic surgery community, RealSelf. This recognition is reserved for surgeons who have exceptional patient ratings and positive feedback on their contributions—and this honor is awarded to less than 10% of the RealSelf doctor community. Dr. Buford is honored by the support of his patients and this recognition by RealSelf.

VIDEOS & Podcasts

June 21, 2016: Dr. Buford featured on the Jon of All Trades podcast

Dr. Buford was interviewed by Jon of All Trades about plastic surgery, keeping patients safe and happy, and the business of medicine.

July 11, 2016: “Interview with Plastic Surgeon Dr. Gregory Buford, Englewood City Winner

Dr. Buford was recently interviewed by DCA TV about his recognition as an Englewood City Winner.

June 14, 2014:  “Watch out for Greedy Plastic Surgeon Imposters”  (Real Self video interview – Vegas Cosmetic Surgery Meeting/Las Vegas, NV)

If you are a newbie to Plastic Surgery, Dr. Greg Buford explains what you should look for an ask of your potential surgeon to ensure you are receiving the best care possible.

June 14, 2014:  “How Do I Know When It’s Time For Breast Revision Surgery?” (Real Self video interview – Vegas Cosmetic Surgery Meeting/Las Vegas, NV)

Most plastic surgeons will note that breast implants usually only last about 10 years, but how will a patient know when it’s time to get a revision if they don’t watch the calendar?

June 14, 2014:  Marijuana Use After Surgery: When’s It Safe to Start Smoking Again? (Real Self video interview – Vegas Cosmetic Surgery Meeting/Las Vegas, NV)

Due to the widespread legalization of marijuana, Dr. Greg Buford sends out of a word of caution to patients who wish to partake following surgery.

June 14, 2014:  The Dreaded Uni-Boob: What Is It and How Is It Fixed? (Real Self video interview – Vegas Cosmetic Surgery Meeting/Las Vegas, NV)

One boob to rule them all… No way! Dr. Greg Buford explains what causes symmastia (aka “uni-boob”) and how it can be fixed in surgery. 

June 14, 2014:  For Better Post-Op Results, Eat More of THIS.  (Real Self video interview – Vegas Cosmetic Surgery Meeting/Las Vegas, NV)

Dr. Greg Buford explains how a good diet can affect patients after surgery and what they should concentrate on the most.

June 14, 2014:  The Results of Plastic Surgery Will Always Be Better If You Focus on This… (Real Self video interview – Vegas Cosmetic Surgery Meeting/Las Vegas, NV)

Dr. Greg Buford discusses his novel approach to plastic surgery, which combines the usual surgical procedures with a focus on the patients’ lifestyle and diet.


DOCTORS OF THE USA:  “Healing after Surgery with Dr. Gregory Buford”

Doctors of the USA welcomes Dr. Gregory Buford, M.D., a nationally recognized expert on minimally invasive facial rejuvenation as well as the author of “Beauty and the Business”, to talk about why what you can eat can make or break your recovery, what most doctors are not doing right, why we are focusing on the wrong things and what you can do to improve your recovery. Listen in as he also shares the coming blend of Plastic Surgery & Anti-Aging Medicine.  


To listen to the interview, please CLICK HERE.

DOCTORS OF THE USA:   “Body Contouring by Dr. Gregory Buford”

Doctors of the USA welcomes Dr. Gregory Buford, a nationally recognized expert on minimally invasive facial rejuvenation as well as the author of “Beauty and the Business”, to talk about the latest trend in body contouring. Listen in as he shares his latest program that he is launching for his body contouring which actually looks at the patient’s nutritional status before surgery to determine any unmet needs.


To listen to the interview, please CLICK HERE.

eDrugStore.md:  “Over the Counter vs. Medical Skin Care Products:  Dr. Gregory Buford”


Denver, Colorado Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Gregory Buford who specializes in non-invasive and cosmetic plastic surgery procedures joined the show. He talks about difference between over the counter and medical skin care products, what’s new in skin care that really works, his recommendation for people on a limited budget in taking care of their skin…Over the Counter vs Medical Skin Care Products: Dr. Gregory Buford

To listen to the podcast, CLICK HERE.

WebTalkRadio:  “Inside Cosmetic Surgery Today – How To Choose a Cosmetic Doctor – Advice From Dr Lycka & Dr Buford”


As the numbers of people choosing to have cosmetic surgery procedures increases, a very important aspect is finding the most appropriate cosmetic doctor to perform the treatment to achieve the required results. But is it really so hard to choose the right person? This week Dr Lycka talks with Dr Gregory Buford, about this subject. Dr Buford outlines some very important questions to ask during that crucial first consultation. And one thing both doctors agree with is that price alone should never be the only way of selecting the person who will perform any type of surgery or cosmetic procedure upon yourself. Listen for some very wise and practical advice – and then use it!

To listen to the podcast, CLICK HERE.