For a Beautiful, Healthy You, Inside and Out

Total Body Wellness involves not only an assessment of our health, but also a determination of how motivated we are to make the necessary changes to take our health to a higher level. If you are committed to improving your health, Dr. Buford is committed to helping you get there. To achieve success, we follow a very specific process.


The Road to Total Body Wellness

Basic Evaluation

The first step is choosing the degree of testing that best fits you. Some patients prefer the most simplistic approach and are only interested in addressing basic hormone levels. For these clients, the Basic Evaluation is an excellent choice and will provide a framework for getting started. The Basic Evaluation includes:

  • Blood panels, including testosterone and DHEA labs for men, and estradiol/estrone/estriol, progesterone, testosterone, and DHEA labs for women.
  • 15 – 30 minutes basic evaluation.
  • Lab results with interpretation and recommendations discussed with you.
  • Hormone replacement therapy available as recommended.

In this model, we will order your labs to be drawn prior to your first meeting with us. This allows us to discuss results directly with you during your first visit and recommend appropriate steps for adjusting any hormonal imbalance you may have. An introductory packet of information and our patient health forms will be sent to you prior to this and must be completed and brought with you to this initial visit.

Once we’ve met briefly and made appropriate recommendations, we will begin you on an individualized treatment plan for hormone replacement that we will continue until your next visit. Just prior to that visit, your labs will be checked again with any adjustments made prior to your visit.

Total Body Wellness Program

For those clients interested in a more comprehensive approach, the Total Body Wellness Program is perfect for evaluating various additional factors, such as gut function and nutrient absorption, and providing a more complete picture of your hormones and various hormone interactions. The Total Body Wellness Program includes:

  • Focused labs including comprehensive hormonal levels, gastrointestinal function, and nutritional status.
  • 45 minute initial evaluation.
  • 30 minute quarterly follow-up evaluations.

You will be sent an introductory packet that you will complete and email back to us at least 24 hours prior to our initial meeting. This will give Dr.  Buford time to process your initial concerns and develop talking points. We will then meet face-to-face to formulate a plan for moving forward. A majority of our patients commonly present with issues linked to improper food choices or gut dysfunction, so a nutritional consultation is generally made at this time to help complement your new plan for health.

Other Wellness Services

There are a number of additional options that you can choose to guide your health in a more positive direction. These include customized meal plans, customized vitamins, and hormonal supplementation to help replace what your body has lost over the years. Additional services include:

  • Injections:
    • Testosterone
    • Subcutaneous vitamins, such as B12
  • Nutritional Support:
    • Consultation with nutritionist
    • Customized meal plan
    • Customized vitamin plan
  • Mind & Body Support:
    • Performance breathing

Whichever plan you choose, Dr. Buford will meet with you on a quarterly basis, either in person or by electronic means.

The Total Body Wellness Difference

We can’t wait to help you see what you’ve been missing all these years and guide you as your life moves on in a new and positive direction. Once our clients begin the process, they see the tremendous benefit of this type of program as compared to the conventional yearly doctor’s visit they’ve become accustomed to. We don’t intend to replace your primary physician; we just hope that we can keep you healthy enough that you don’t need to see him as frequently.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. By doing so, you have already begun the journey towards optimal wellness and a life filled with energy, vitality, and youth. If you have any questions, we always look forward to hearing from you.

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