Advanced Breast Augmentation (08.17.2015)

IMG_5993To better educate you on the options available for secondary breast revision surgery, we are featuring another case of Advanced Breast Augmentation.  As a Board Certified Denver Plastic Surgeon who specializes in not only primary but also secondary breast enhancement, I am seeing a growing number of women who are no longer happy with the results of their surgery and who are looking to fine tune their appearance.

Today’s case involves a patient who initially presented severe breast distortion secondary to bilateral capsular contracture (or hardening of the scar tissue around the implants).  During the consultation, I recommended not only replacement of the implants with newer cohesive gels but also removal of the surrounding scar tissue as well.  We also elected to maintain the implants in the sub glandular plane to avoid a more complicated transfer to a sub pectoral pocket.

I encourage you to check out the brief video below to see the results we were able to attain.  Please leave us your comments and feedback.  We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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