Advanced Breast Augmentation (08.21.15)

Natrelle Breast ImplantsToday’s BEAUTY by BUFORD update features a patient who initially presented with severe rippling to the upper pole of her breasts.  She had previously had undergone saline breast augmentation by in a sub glandular (above the muscle) plane and was frustrated not only with the rippling but also with the less than natural appearance of her breasts.

On initial consultation, we discussed replacement of her saline implants with silicone gel implants and suggested a slight upsizing.  At that time, we elected to go with the most straightforward approach and so agreed to keep the implants above the muscle.

Unfortunately, although her initial surgery went well, she soon developed rippling again to her upper pole and so we discussed the need to now replace her implants below the muscle.  But to do so, we suggested using SERI silk graft to help anchor down the lower portion of her pectoralis muscle to prevent the implant from slipping back into the sub glandular pocket.

She ultimately underwent surgery again and is now extremely pleased with her results.  We encourage you to check out this brief video to see what we were able to accomplish.

Thanks again for your continued support!  We look forward to hearing from you.