BEAUTY Is More Important Now Than Ever…

Still think that the best way to survive this economy is to pull back? Think again… A recent survey by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons supports the connection between looks and success. In a phone survey of 756 women ages 18 to 64 it showed that 73 percent (almost three out of four, or 84 million working women) believe, particularly in these challenging economic times, appearance and youthful looks play a part in getting hired, getting a promotion, or getting new clients.

At Denver-based BEAUTY by BUFORD, we have seen a growing number of people coming for facial injectables and medical skincare as a way to optimize their marketability in an increasingly competitive marketplace. From entry level all the way up to the executive board room, more and more people are seeing the importance of looking their very best as a way to stand out among their coworkers and potentially save their jobs.

Think of it this way. Numerous studies have documented the link between how you feel and how you convey yourself. In other words, the better you think you look, the more confident you are and the more likely you are to give it your all. Just look at the Great Depression where one of the three areas of growth was in the cosmetics industry. People needed a way to feel better in those tough times and they did so by doing what they could to look their very best.

So the next time you decide to skimp on your BOTOX®…think again. It just may save your career!