Improve the appearance of cellulite dimples with safe & simple injectable treatments

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Do you struggle with embarrassing cellulite dimples on your buttocks that won’t disappear with diet and exercise? Cellulite affects an estimated 90% of adult females of all races and ethnicities and often worsens with age and weight gain. Until now, the only available cellulite treatments have been invasive, requiring either incisions or laser treatment. Lone Tree plastic surgeon Dr. Buford is proud to be the first in Colorado and one of the first in the nation to offer QWO®, the first FDA-approved cosmetic injectable to treat moderate to severe cellulite in the buttocks, to his female Denver patients.

What is QWO?

QWO (collagenase clostridium histolyticum) is injected directly into your cellulite dimple. Its enzymes immediately go to work breaking down collagen types 1 and 3 to release the fibrous collagen bands (called “fibrous septae”) causing the dimpling, allowing fat cells to reposition themselves and making the skin appear smoother and more even.

QWO also stimulates collagen production in the skin, rebuilding your collagen support network with thinner, smaller, more flexible septae that will prevent future dimpling.

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What areas of the body can QWO treat?

QWO is FDA-approved to treat cellulite in the buttocks of adult women.

Who is a good candidate for QWO?

You may be a good candidate for QWO if you:

  • Are a woman with moderate to severe cellulite in your buttocks
  • Have had liposuction or CoolSculpting to reduce unwanted fat but still struggle with cellulite
  • Have realistic expectations of your treatment. QWO can significantly reduce but not eliminate cellulite

You may not be a good candidate if you:

  • Are allergic to collagenase
  • Have an active infection at the treatment area

The misconception that cellulite only affects women who are overweight is untrue. Weight gain can make cellulite more noticeable, but it can be present even in very thin women. Learn more about how cellulite forms in the female body in this downloadable PDF.

Can men receive QWO injections?

Currently, QWO is approved solely for use in women. This is because men have thicker skin and less body fat than women, making cellulite more common among women.

How many QWO injections will I need?

During a QWO treatment visit, you will receive a series of injections in your buttocks. The exact amount of injections will depend on the extent of your cellulite, but for most patients, this is about 12. Some patients see cellulite improvement from just a single QWO treatment visit, but for full results, we recommend you complete 3 treatment visits spaced 3 weeks apart.

What are the risks of QWO?

The risks of QWO are similar to other cosmetic injectables, and may include:

  • Allergic reaction
  • Minor bruising and swelling
  • Minor pain
  • Hardening of tissue at the injection site
  • Itching

To determine the safety and efficacy of QWO, the largest clinical trials in the history of cellulite investigation in the U.S. were conducted. The trials showed that QWO is completely safe and has no long-term side effects when performed at recommended doses. Compared to the other two cellulite treatments currently on the market, which either require mechanical incisions or lasers, QWO is far less invasive and carries fewer risks.

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Can QWO be combined with any other procedures?

Since most fat-reducing procedures are unable to address cellulite, QWO can be used following a surgical or nonsurgical fat reduction treatment, such as liposuction or CoolSculpting, to improve the appearance of skin on the buttocks.

Choose Dr. Buford for your QWO treatment

Board certified Denver plastic surgeon Gregory A. Buford, MD, FACS, PCEO is proud to be one of the first doctors in the nation to offer QWO injections. Since 2014, Dr. Buford has been honored yearly as a Doctors’ Choice Awards winner for Englewood, CO, and is a RealSelf Top Doctor. Contact us online or call our Lone Tree plastic surgery practice at 303-951-5829 to discuss QWO treatment.