A New Approach to Body Contouring

Most Plastic Surgeons are trained to provide the most effective technology for helping them achieve their body contouring goals. This often follows the same path: evaluate, treat, move on. For Dr. Buford, this has always felt like an irresponsible way of treating body contouring patients.

Treating the Cause and the Symptom

When a patient seeks fat reduction, they are looking for a solution to a symptom. Whether it’s the result of unhealthy lifestyle choices or an indicator of an underlying problem, fat accumulation occurs for a reason, and doesn’t happen overnight.

To ensure body contouring patients look their best years down the line, it’s imperative to figure out what led to the presence of excess fat and address the behavior or condition. Additionally, some conditions that cause fat accumulation, such as diabetes, may also complicate surgery. Before blindly treating a patient, it’s a surgeon’s responsibility to fully understand their overall health to decrease potential risks during and after surgery.

Feeling Your Best From the Inside Out

Dr. Buford developed the Responsible Contouring Project to help provide patients with safer, longer-lasting results. By addressing both the health issue and cosmetic goals, Dr. Buford can optimize patient care and outcomes. The Responsible Contouring project looks at patients as a whole, and examines not only why these issues have developed, but also how best to address them.

To learn more about the Responsible Body Contouring Project or find out how body contouring can benefit you, contact us today to schedule your consultation with Dr. Buford.