BOTOX in a Van?

According to an online news source, patients in Dallas, Texas may not need to leave their house to look young and refreshed. Instead of going to their doctor’s office for BOTOX® and soft tissue fillers, their doctor’s office is apparently coming to them. A mobile service aptly known as Cosmetic Care Concierge has been launched by entrepreneur, Blake Andrews.

And according to Andrews, the cost may even be slightly less than what you are used to paying in a physician’s office or medical spa for BOTOX® and soft tissue fillers. So is this the wave of the future or are their concerns?  While many people see this service as a distinct advantage, there are indeed red flags. First, your home is simply not set up the same way that a medical office is. The lighting is not optimal and positioning is often substandard given the fact that most (if not all) of us simply don’t have a room designated for medical procedures.  As such, would you really like your folds softened while sitting on the couch in dim lighting?  Not me.

My prediction is that while the initial launch pricing may provide some competition to current brick and mortar establishments, it will only be a matter of time that price point readjusts to allow for travel time, fuel, etc.

And while a physician may be monitoring the injectors, what training and background does he or she actually have? The article failed to mention that.  As with any facial injectable, keep in mind that while results are only temporary, a bad result can be difficult to undo and even harder to hide.