BOTOX May Help Reduce Scar Formation

Botox CosmeticWhile most people know that BOTOX can help reduce lines and wrinkles, very few recognize the myriad of other uses for which BOTOX has proven effective.  Since its introduction into the medical community, this versatile product has shown promise for treating anything from bladder spasm to vocal cord issues to hemorrhoids.  According to a recent study published in the Journal of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, BOTOX might even prove effective for reducing the formation of scar tissue.

In this study, the authors looked at the effects of botulinum toxin Type A on differentiation of myofibroblasts from their fibroblast precursors.  These differentiated cells ultimately lead to the formation of scar tissue.  Therefore, by injecting BOTOX (or a BOTOX-like compound) directly into early scars thought to be prone to hypertrophic scar formation, we may actually be able to modulate this process and keep scar hypertrophy from occurring.

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