The Newest FDA-Approved Silicone Gel Implant

UnknownAs a surgeon renowned for providing beautiful breast augmentation results, Dr. Buford is committed to using only the safest devices and technology that provide optimal outcomes. That’s why he is now offering Allergan’s Natrelle INSPIRA™ smooth round silicone gel implants, the latest silicone gel implants to gain FDA approval in the United States.

Board certified plastic surgeon Gregory A. Buford, MD, FACS, PCEO was one of the first plastic surgeons in the nation to use these implants, and he is currently the largest user in the state of Colorado.

What Makes INSPIRA Different

INSPIRA breast implants are round and filled with the same safe silicone gel as previous generations of silicone implants—but they have more of it.  INSPIRA breast implants have a higher fill ratio than other silicone implants, which helps reduce the risk of seeing or feeling your implants under the skin.Screen-Shot-2015-05-08-at-12.36.56-PM1

These implants have been available in Canada for a few years and have been shown to be an incredibly safe and effective option for women wanting to increase the fullness of their breasts. They were approved for use in the United States by the FDA just this year and are quickly becoming a popular option.

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Good Candidates for INSPIRA Breast Implants

Because INSPIRA breast implants have a higher fill ratio and provide great support of upper pole fullness for a youthful and shapely contour, they can offer beautiful results for many women. These implants offer all the benefits of regular silicone gel implants and “gummy bear” implants without any of the complications—and their texture and round shape create a natural-looking and feeling result.

Slide5INSPIRA implants are also a wonderful choice for women who are naturally slim or have an athletic build. Women without much natural breast tissue are prone to experiencing implant rippling with some traditional saline or silicone implants, or if their implants are placed “above the muscle.” Because INSPIRA implants are “over filled,” the risk of rippling, visible implant edges, and palpability are greatly reduced, even when the over-the-muscle technique is used.

Finding Out if INSPIRA is Right for You

The best way to determine which breast implant options will be the perfect fit for you is to speak with a board certified plastic surgeon. If you’re in the Denver area, contact us to schedule a breast augmentation consultation with Dr. Buford. He’ll be happy to listen to your concerns, discuss your options, and develop a surgical plan that helps you achieve the look you want.