How do I know what breast implant size is right for me?

Sizing is an art and not an exact science. With this in mind, Denver plastic surgeon Dr. Buford realizes that there are many subtle nuances that help determine the best implant size for you and his goal is to identify these during your initial consultation. In addition to choosing an appropriate size, he will also take specific measurements of your breasts which help him identify any asymmetry. In reality, most women are not symmetric and so he may recommend a larger implant on one side to help balance this out. Identifying this is critical before your surgery. While many surgeons see breast augmentation as simply enlarging your breasts, experienced surgeons such as Dr. Buford recognize that the overall goal is not only to enlarge but also to shape. And to do so requires an aesthetic eye, careful pre-operative planning, and a focused approach to breast enhancement. For many patients with asymmetry, temporary implants are often used during surgery to determine the actual size difference between the breasts and are helpful in the final selection process in the operating room. Once the size difference is identified, sizers are replaced with permanent implants.

“I picked a range of implant sizes with Dr. Buford before the procedure (425 cc – 510 cc) knowing that he picks a size during the surgery that looks best with your body. He ended up going with 520 cc implants and I’m so happy he did. A month after the procedure and I get compliments from the girls at work all the time!”-Actual Patient of Dr. Buford

To help choose the best size for you, Dr. Buford and his friendly staff will work with you to determine a size range appropriate for your goals and proportionate for your body. The final volume range will then be increased slightly to allow for a slight loss of projection that occurs once the implants are placed behind the muscle.  And although our goal is to choose a size that you are most comfortable with, a majority of patients worldwide often comment that, given the chance to do it over again, they would have gone slightly bigger.  Keep that in mind when you size. Your results are a walking billboard for us and so we will do our best to not only make you proud of your new look but also make us proud.  Our happy patients are our number one referral source and so we do everything we can to make sure that they stay that way!

Woman Smiling After Natural Breast Augmentation Fat Transfer at BEAUTY by BUFORD

How do I achieve natural breast implant results?

The most important step in the sizing process is an open and honest discussion with Dr. Buford about your goals for a final result. Make sure that you express the degree of change that you would like along with what you hope to accomplish. While there are no guarantees as to final outcome, open lines of communication are critical in achieving an optimal, natural-looking final result.

Ready for a consultation?

Dr. Buford will go over all of the details on breast implant size with you at your initial consultation. He will be happy to answer your questions and come up with the best implant size to meet your goals. Please contact BEAUTY by BUFORD at our Lone Tree plastic surgery office to schedule a consultation.