A Fresh Start for Your Ideal Breasts

Even with the most skilled surgeons, surgical procedures, including cosmetic ones like breast augmentation, don't always result in the perfect outcome. The field of secondary breast revision is expanding within cosmetic breast surgery, addressing cases where initial results deteriorate over time or where the initial outcome was unsatisfactory from the start.

If you're considering a breast revision in Denver, selecting the right surgeon is paramount. This complex procedure requires the skill of a seasoned cosmetic breast surgeon, such as Denver's board-certified plastic surgeon Gregory A. Buford, MD, FACS, PCEO.

Considering Breast Revision in Denver?

Several common motivations for seeking a secondary breast revision are:

Adjusting the Position of Breast Implants

Typically, breast implants will settle into their final positions once healing is complete. However, some patients experience persistent asymmetry. Dr. Buford can modify the scar capsule around the implant for a more natural, lower placement.

Should the breast fold appear too high or low, Dr. Buford can also recalibrate the fold itself, influencing the implant's position. In cases of implants meeting in the center ("symmastia" or "breadloafing"), the medial fold may be corrected.

"I have known Dr. Buford for many years now. I had an extreme case that left me with severe burns and gaping open wounds. Dr. Buford and his team were willing to take on something that turned out to be a very very long process for me and painful as well until I found him! I was told by the doctor before him to do my own wound care until I went to ER . Since then he and his team have done nothing but worked with me day in and day out to do the best that they can to get me the best results. I am so thankful for everyone and all of their compassion and kindness. His nurse Shazia by far has also gone above and beyond. She has been there by my side from day one and always responded to phone calls and any questions or concerns that I ever had.

Once again I had a severe case but Buford came in and he fixed and literally saved me! So thankful for this wonderful team of people can't express the gratitude that I have. Thank you Gregory A. Buford, MD, FACS, PCEO!"

—Real breast reconstruction revision patient


Correcting Firm, Misshapen Breasts

Sometimes, individuals who have undergone breast augmentation encounter "capsular contracture," a situation where the tissue capsule around the implant tightens and compresses the implant. Recent advancements in surgical methods and implant design have made this issue increasingly rare.

However, a few women may still face capsular contracture, leading to breasts that feel firm, appear distorted, and cause discomfort. The solution often involves either removing or loosening the capsule and replacing the implant, resulting in a softer, more natural appearance with quick recovery and significant improvement.

Patients with older implants might also deal with issues like the implant shell breaking down. Fortunately, fixing this problem is relatively simple and can lead to a very natural-looking outcome.

Adjusting Breast Implant Size

For others, the concern might be the size of the implants. Perhaps the size that once seemed perfect no longer suits your lifestyle or how your body has changed over time. Whether you're looking to go larger or smaller, or you're considering a breast lift to enhance the shape and contour of your breasts, Dr. Buford is ready to assist.

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Your Breast Revision Surgery Experience

At BEAUTY by BUFORD, your comfort, safety, and satisfaction are our top priorities during your breast revision in Denver.

Dr. Buford and our team know that surgery day can bring a range of feelings. We're here to support you at every turn, offering reassurance and ensuring a smooth experience.

What to Expect on the Day of Your Breast Revision Surgery:

A Friendly Greeting

Upon your arrival at our advanced facility, you'll be warmly welcomed by our staff, who will streamline your check-in, address any immediate queries, and prepare you for the day ahead.

Getting Ready for Surgery

In a private pre-op area, you'll change into a surgical gown. This is where we go over the surgery plan once more, clarify any last details, and offer comfort before the procedure begins.

Anesthesia for Comfort

A skilled anesthesiologist will administer anesthesia, ensuring you're comfortable and pain-free during your surgery.

Surgical Precision

With Dr. Buford and our expert surgical team at the helm, your breast revision will be carried out with utmost care and precision. Dr. Buford will tailor the surgery to your specific needs, whether it's addressing implant issues like rupture or capsular contracture, or adjusting size and shape for aesthetic reasons. He'll make careful incisions, aiming for minimal visibility and beautiful, natural-looking results.

Care After Surgery

After the procedure, you'll rest in our state-of-the-art recovery suite, under the watchful eye of our team, ready to manage any discomfort and ensure your well-being.

Guidance for Recovery

While you recuperate, we'll give you detailed care instructions and what to expect during the healing phase. Dr. Buford and our team are committed to making sure you're fully informed and comfortable with your recovery plan.

Ready to Start Breast Revision in Denver?

If you're curious about how Dr. Buford can assist in achieving your ideal breast appearance, reach out to our Lone Tree plastic surgery clinic to arrange a consultation for secondary breast revision surgery. Dr. Buford is eager to address your inquiries and devise a personalized treatment plan to fulfill your aesthetic aspirations.