As an experienced cosmetic breast surgeon, Gregory A. Buford, MD, FACS, PCEO sees many patients who would benefit from more than the standard straightforward breast augmentation. Achieving the most optimal result and meeting your expectations requires precise evaluation and understanding of your goals before surgery.

Some of the more common combinations that Dr. Buford sees include the following:

Inverted Nipples

  • Nipple inversion occurs when the nipple becomes inverted within the areola and may or may not project with stimulation. Reports suggest that this is very common and that as many as 20% of all women experience inversion to some degree. Treatment is relatively straightforward and involves releasing the tethering ligaments which are pulling the nipple down.

Drooping or Disproportionately Large Nipples

  • Overly large, drooping nipples are actually very common and may be the result of either volume loss to your breasts may follow breast feeding. Treatment is actually pretty simple and involves adjusting either the height, width, or both of the oversize nipple giving it a more proportionate appearance relative to the overall breast.

Asymmetric Breasts

  • A recent study suggested that a majority of women have one breast that is either slightly or substantially different than the other. Most experienced breast surgeons, such as Gregory A. Buford, MD, FACS, PCEO, would actually suggest that all women have some degree of asymmetry. Identifying what is different and to what degree is critical in the planning of your surgery. In many cases, Dr. Buford may need to either use differently sized implants or perform a lift, reduction, or other procedure to one breast to balance out this difference. Simply increasing the size of two different breasts will simply make any difference more noticeable and so accurate preoperative planning is critical.

Before Baby Body Procedure

  • A large proportion of the patients seen by Dr. Buford have experienced changes to their breasts and body as the result of pregnancy. To address this, Dr. Buford has developed a Before Baby Body Procedure which effectively reverses many of these changes giving his patients a renewed and re-invigorated appearance. These adjunctive procedures may involve combining breast enhancement with one or several of the following procedures: Body Contouring (e.g.: Tummy Tuck or liposuction or both) or Facial Rejuvenation (e.g.: Facial InjectablesEyelid Reshaping)

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