BREASTOX? The Botox Breast Lift…

Just when you think you’ve heard it all…along comes BREASTOX.  For as little as 1000 pounds, your English physician will attempt to lift your breasts using BOTOX® Cosmetic.  Results are touted as effective within two weeks and are reported to last for as long as three months.  And so for those of you who are scalpel-shy, is this the cure for sagging breasts?  Probably not.

The use of BOTOX® Cosmetic to lift breasts has been suggested for a number of years but there has never been a good study documenting its ability to actually do so. If you consider the factors that actually lead to ptosis (or drooping) of breasts, it makes sense that simply weakening muscle pull would provide little to no benefit.  As you age or following pregnancy and/weight gain or loss, ligaments within your breasts can tend to lengthen and lose support.  These Cooper’s ligaments are a chief contributor to loss of perkiness over time and, unfortunately, are completely unaffected by the administration of BOTOX®. Even with a conventional breast lift, these ligaments are really not addressed; with surgery, the surrounding skin envelope is simply reshaped and tightened with or without addition of breast volume viz a viz placement of a breast implant.

And so given these changes, it is not conceivable that injection of BOTOX® Cosmetic alone would have any significant effect on breast lifting.  And even if it did, would the slight lifting effect warrant the upfront and maintenance costs associated?

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