How Can I Regrow Hair Without Surgery?

Hair replacement is one of the hottest topics in plastic surgery for both men and women. We can all remember those hideous hair plugs from hair transplant surgery in the past. Fortunately, surgical technique has dramatically improved in recent years, with results appearing much more natural than ever before. But even with these advances, there is still a large segment of the population who would like to restore their hair without surgery.

PRP: Effective Non-Surgical Hair Restoration in 4 Short Treatments

Over the last several years, a number of physicians have examined non-surgical methods for hair restoration with varying results. While doing our due diligence, we found that a number of techniques that purported to grow hair either did so in a very meager manner or were not effective at all. However, one technique that we did find helpful was the use of PRP (platelet rich plasma).

One of the pioneers in the use of PRP to regrow hair is Dr. Jeffrey Rappaport, a board certified dermatologist in New Jersey. Dr. Rappaport has developed a protocol for PRP therapy that involves the following:

  • 4 treatment sessions (each 1 month apart)
  • 0.3-0.5 cc boluses (precisely measured units) of PRP beneath the skin
  • Treatment time = 15 minutes for injections, 45 minutes total

This PRP hair restoration protocol is now available in Denver at BEAUTY by BUFORD. You can expect a total treatment time of around 45 minutes which will include the initial blood draw, processing of the blood to separate out PRP, numbing of your scalp, actual injection of the PRP, and final post-procedure processing.

For a limited time, we will be offering this procedure at BEAUTY by BUFORD at a highly discounted rate for patients who schedule their first session during the months of April and May. To learn more, I encourage you to call us today at 303.747.6719 or CLICK HERE to email us directly.

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