Collagen-Infused Beer: Brilliant or Bogus?

collagen infused beer bufordIf you’ve been paying attention to cosmetics and skincare, you’ve probably noticed that collagen is becoming a common ingredient—and this protein has been shown to help firm, smooth, and plump the skin. That’s what a certain Japanese brewery must have been counting on when they added collagen to a new beer targeted at women.

This beer, called “Precious,” contains 2 grams of collagen in each can and the implication is clear: drink an adult beverage and take care of your skin at the same time! Unfortunately, the benefits of collagen are largely limited to topical application. Because collagen is a protein, ingesting it will only result in your body breaking it down for energy—it doesn’t stand a chance against your digestive enzymes and never gets close to making it to your skin. Not to mention that heavy drinks with many empty calories, like beer, are not doing you and your skin any favors!

While bogus skincare fads run rampant, there are tried and true ways to give your skin a little extra love.  To keep your skin happy and healthy between professional treatments, medical-grade skincare products like the SkinMedica® line can help you maintain your results and keep your skin nourished.

So skip the skincare gimmicks—the best gift you can give your skin is to seek the advice of a trained aesthetician or physician.