Considering Augmentation: Why Shape is as Important as Adding Size

logoIn the past, the main consideration (and often the sole purpose) for a breast augmentation tended to be a size increase. Now, a thoughtful woman often has other goals in mind when seeking an enhanced breast profile. She may want to improve the appearance of her overall shape as well as increase the size of her breasts.

More Than Size Alone
Women looking into breast augmentation typically think first about increasing their size, and focus on how big they should go. But a discussion with an experienced Plastic Surgeon like Dr. Buford may reveal that size alone isn’t the only issue. In fact, it’s important to talk about and consider the whole picture before making any decisions.

Here are some common issues women bring up during consultation:

  • Dissatisfaction with the proportion of their hips to their breasts
  • A need to balance out wide shoulders to look more feminine
  • Unhappiness with having a pear-shaped body
  • A desire to appear less thick through the waist

Body shape and proportion are important factors in developing a plan for breast augmentation, and a surgeon who listens well and has a keen sense of aesthetics will be able to help achieve a more pleasing, balanced silhouette.

The choice of implant is a key consideration in successfully addressing the type of nuanced goals that body shape issues might present. Women now have a number of breast implant shapes to choose from, allowing surgeons to achieve results that meet a variety of needs. In addition to the traditional round saline or silicone gel implants, shaped implants offer a new, more natural-looking alternative for breast shaping. Shaped implants (sometimes called gummy bear implants or anatomical implants) are made from a firm, cohesive gel that retains its form, which mimics the look of a natural breast. While traditional round implants can add volume, they are unable to actually shape a breast in the way that the gummy bear implants can; this makes them a good choice for women with very little breast tissue or for those who are undergoing breast reconstruction.

When More Than Augmentation is Needed
Breast enhancement may involve more than an augmentation procedure to achieve a woman’s goals. If there is significant sagging to the breasts, simply increasing their size is not likely to achieve the pleasing shape that is desired. To move the breasts to a higher position on the chest, a breast lift can be performed in conjunction with an augmentation. This combination of procedures is very effective in restoring a youthful silhouette.

No matter your goals for breast enhancement—whether you seek a change in size, shape, or silhouette—it’s important to discuss your concerns with an experienced Plastic Surgeon who specializes in breast procedures. There are many variables to consider and your Plastic Surgeon can help guide you toward the right approach and implant type. Dr. Buford is happy to discuss your options during a consultation.