Considering Breast Implant Removal?

imp_profile_compIn the last few years, I have seen an upswing in calls for breast implant removal.  And while the bulk of my practice involves putting breast implants in, I am now performing a fair amount of surgeries to remove breast implants.  And while the reasons for removal vary among my patients, they have all done it for very specific reasons and for reasons that I thought were very appropriate.

“Dr. Buford has been nothing but a pleasure to work with through the process of my implant removal surgery. When I realized I no longer wanted or needed my implants, I began making calls to Denver surgeons and Dr. Buford was the first to really listen to my concerns and needs. Most Doctors I spoke with made my surgery seem less important than typical implant procedures, but Dr. Buford understood that even my lack of too large implants would still be a representation of his work. I decided to remove my implants because they were too large, uncomfortable and I felt they were a distraction in my career.

I would recommend Dr. Buford to anyone looking to improve their physical appearance through surgery because he is genuine, caring, smart, and courteous. He uses discretion in his decision making and has a caring staff. Follow up appointments felt like a comfortable visit with friends.”

I encourage you to check out this brief video to learn more about the process and what you can expect.  In addition, I will be launching a specific webpage on this site in the coming weeks to talk specifically about the process.


I hope this helps!