Considering Lip Injections? Follow Dr. Buford’s Patient As She Gets Lip Enhancement

Lip injections have been steadily rising in popularity as a quick way to amp up the volume and improve the shape of your lips safely and temporarily. As a master injector for Allergan, Dr. Buford has helped hundreds of patients enjoy fuller lips with the placement of fillers like Juvéderm and Volbella—and a recent patient documented her experience.

Emma Walker, a Colorado-based blogger and YouTuber, recently decided to get lip injections to take her beautiful smile to the next level—and she knew she was in good hands with Dr. Buford.

Watch her video below to see her full experience, from getting the injections done through her first few days of swelling and, finally, her gorgeous results.

Want beautiful results like Emma? Your provider matters

With the popularity of injectable treatments, more and more providers have popped up offering their services. But achieving great results doesn’t just require the right product—who is doing your injecting will have a large impact on your outcome.

With years of experience, an intimate understanding of facial harmony, and a dedication to providing naturally beautiful results safely, board certified plastic surgeon Gregory A. Buford, MD, FACS, PCEO can help enhance your lips, soften your wrinkles, and give you a boost of confidence. Dr. Buford is part of a very small group of Allergan Certified National Master Facial Injectable Trainers in the United States, and he’s lectured across the country and abroad on facial injectables. Contact us today to schedule your private consultation!