Denver, You Make Me Feel So Young!

denver-skylineWe love Denver for a lot of reasons: the culture, the nightlife, the weather, and, of course, the beautiful outdoors. Now we have another reason to love Denver even more. According to research conducted by RealSelf, Denver is one of the best cities in the U.S. to live in if you want to keep up your youthful good looks.

Based on factors known to impact the aging process, RealSelf evaluated the following activities and statistics related to health, fitness, and beauty to make their determination:

  • Fitness, access to nutritious food, and gyms per capita
  • Skin cancer rates and sun exposure
  • Disease rates
  • Smoking and bars per capita
  • Number of tanning salons
  • Searches for Botox on RealSelf
  • Number of Board-Certified dermatologists (per capita)
  • Money spent on anti-aging treatments and products

The Mile High City came out in the top 5, with some interesting results. Though we can’t seem to kick the tanning bed habit, we make up for it with a lively enthusiasm for keeping fit, looking our best, and taking care of our skin. From hiking and skiing to kayaking and swimming, no one is surprised we are sweating the years right off (and then reapplying our SPF 50).

With a large net of healthcare professionals to choose from and a healthy interest in purchasing and using anti-aging products, Denverites are showing just how well we like to take care of ourselves. Keeping rank with locales like San Francisco, Washington DC, and Minneapolis, Denver is lookin’ good and proud of it.

So, keep it up, Denver! If you do find yourself feeling a little run down or like you could use a lift, here are a couple of our favorite things to do around town to keep you looking and feeling young:

Visit Washington Park
Perfect for hiking, biking, people watching, and picnicking, you won’t get bored at Washington Park. We love it for the variety of things to do and the beautiful setting you get to do them in.

Check Out the Denver Museum of Nature & Science
Even if the weather turns sour, you can still flex your mental muscles with some enriching and educational fun. Whether you want to learn about mummies or look up to dinosaur bones, this museum is a perfect outing for the family.

Spend the Evening Exploring Larimer Square
Full of charming restaurants, popular nightlife venues, and plenty of shopping, Historic Larimer Square is the perfect place to spend a few hours exploring. Round out your day with some delicious healthy food, a fancy cocktail, and a new pair of walking shoes for your next great Denver adventure.

With so much to do in our fair city, there’s no excuse to stay inside. So lather up the sunscreen, take a hike, and when you’re ready for a little extra help with shaving off a few years, give us a call. Schedule your consultation on any of our procedures or treatments and help keep our beautiful city looking young.