Denver’s Complete Guide to Breast Augmentation 

Breast augmentation is not just for celebrities like Dolly Parton or Megan Fox. Their aesthetics aren’t the only results possible by breast augmentation, either. If you’re in Denver or surrounding areas and unhappy with the size or shape of your breasts, this Denver’s Complete Guide to Breast Augmentation by BEAUTY by BUFORD is a must-read!

What Is Breast Augmentation?

Also called mammoplasty, breast augmentation is a surgical procedure that uses implants or fat transfers to enhance the size, shape, and overall look of your breasts. The surgery lets you create the perfect silhouette that makes you feel confident and beautiful. 

How does it differ from a breast lift?

Though you might hear some call breast augmentation surgery a breast lift, they are not the same! 

Augmentation is all about modifying the size and fullness of the breasts. On the other hand, a breast lift is about beautifying what you see on the surface. If you want to reduce the size of your areola, reposition or resize your nipples, or treat saggy breasts, you should look into a breast lift. A lift brings everything back up to where it used to be or where you wish it had always been, giving you a perkier and more youthful silhouette.

Many people undergo both a breast augmentation and breast lift at the same time to either ensure a more natural appearance or to address multiple concerns at once.

Why Might You Want A Breast Augmentation?

There are a few reasons why someone might consider breast augmentation surgery. Some reasons overlap with why you might want a breast lift, so discussing your desires and goals with your surgeon is essential. We want you to be happy with your results, and we need to understand your expectations and wishes fully to suggest the correct procedure. 

Popular reasons for seeking breast surgery include:

  • Boost in Confidence: Increasing your breast size can significantly boost self-esteem and body confidence, helping you feel more comfortable in your skin.
  • Volume Restoration: After weight loss, pregnancy, or breastfeeding, breasts can lose their volume. Augmentation brings back that fullness.
  • Symmetry Correction: Many women have asymmetrical breasts. Implants can balance out your proportions.
  • Aesthetic Goals: Maybe you’ve always dreamed of a fuller bust line or a specific shape. Augmentation allows you to customize your look.
  • Reconstruction: Following mastectomy or injury, augmentation can be part of reconstructive surgery to restore the breast’s appearance.

Breast Implants 101

Once you know that breast augmentation is what is best for you, you’ve still got a few more decisions to make before we schedule your surgery date. When planning your new look with Dr. Buford, you must consider the type of implant and how your breasts will be shaped and textured after surgery.

Types of breast implants

  • Silicone: If you’re going for that “real feel,” silicone implants might be your pick. The silicone gel is favored by many for its soft, natural texture, but regular check-ups are required to ensure it’s intact. In most situations, you must be at least 22 to receive silicone gel breast implants due to FDA restrictions.
  • Saline: These implants have sterile salt water instead of silicone gel. They’re inserted empty and then filled to your desired volume. The control they offer surgeons allows patients to get the exact size they want and require a smaller incision than silicone implants! Another big plus? Unlike silicone gel, saline is harmlessly absorbed by the body if the implant leaks. 
  • Fat Transfer: This method uses your own fat, harvested from another part of your body, to enhance breast size. It’s a twofer: you slim down one area and boost another! Fat transfer breast augmentation is ideal for those seeking a modest increase in breast size and a more natural augmentation. Plus, since it’s your own tissue, the feel, texture, and shape are as natural as it gets.

Breast Implant Shapes

  • Round: These are the go-to for a reason. Round implants provide that classic, full look and add volume all over. They’re great for those seeking a more noticeable lift and a fuller upper breast area. 
  • Teardrop: This shape mimics the natural slope of the breast by being thinner at the top and fuller at the bottom. Teardrop implants are a hit for those aiming for a subtler enhancement and a more natural silhouette. 

Breast Implant Texture

  • Smooth: As the name suggests, smooth implants do not have textured packaging. Smooth implants move with the breast implant pocket and are less likely to be felt through the skin. However, they might have a higher chance of visible rippling or rotation in some cases, affecting your breast’s appearance.
  • Textured: Textured implants were designed to stay in place within the breast tissue, reducing the risk of movement and the possibility of capsular contracture, where scar tissue forms around the implant. The texture grips the tissue, making these implants an excellent choice for teardrop-shaped implants to prevent rotation. 

Each material, shape, and texture offers you pros and cons. Which is right for you depends on your desired aesthetic and unique anatomy. Dr. Buford can help you narrow down the choices. 

Note: Fat transfer augmentations do not have to worry about their implant’s texture or shape because the fat will not be encased. You just need to think about the size and profile (see the FAQ section below). 

Denver's Complete Guide to Breast Augmentation

What Does The Process Look Like?

Though cosmetic, plastic surgery is still surgery and requires careful planning for a safe procedure and satisfying results. Here is a peak into what the process looks like:


The first step is a consultation with board-certified Dr. Buford. This is when you’ll discuss your goals and medical history, explore the options, and get a clear picture of the expected results. Dr. Buford will evaluate your health, take measurements, and possibly request medical tests to confirm you’re a good candidate for the surgery. We must stress that you should be open-minded during your consultation because the procedure you want might not produce the desired results. Dr. Buford might suggest a different approach for you to consider.


Breast augmentation is performed under general anesthesia for a pain-free operation. Dr. Buford makes incisions in discreet locations—under the breast, around the nipple, or under the arm—to minimize visible scarring. The chosen implants are inserted either above or below the pectoral muscle through these incisions based on the agreed-upon plan. The method of insertion and positioning depends on your body type, the type of implant, and your desired outcome.


Initially, you’ll experience swelling and discomfort, but pain management medication will be provided. Most patients can return to work within a week, though strenuous activities should be avoided for a bit longer. Follow-up visits are essential to monitor healing and implant settling. You must follow all of Dr. Buford’s post-op instructions, or you could risk complications.

Breast Augmentation FAQs

Now that you know what breast augmentation is, the available options, and what you can expect the process to be like, we can answer some frequently asked questions about breast augmentation!

What else should you consider besides material, texture, and shape?

You should think about the implant’s profile and size. The profile of an implant refers to how much it projects from your chest, while the size is about the volume. Both factors are crucial in achieving your desired look. Your body frame, chest width, and personal aesthetic goals should guide your choice, ensuring the implants complement your natural silhouette.

How much does breast augmentation cost?

The price tag can vary widely, influenced by the surgeon’s experience, the type of implants, and the geographic location of the practice. Remember, it’s an investment in yourself, so consider the value of the surgeon’s expertise and the quality of care, not just the cost.

It’s also important for you to know that in most circumstances, breast augmentation is not covered by insurance. Unless you have had a mastectomy because of breast cancer, you will more than likely have to pay the total cost out of pocket.

At BEAUTY by BUFORD, we pride ourselves on offering the people of Denver affordable yet high-quality care. With us, you won’t have to sacrifice your wallet, safety, or results to get the body you desire. Ask our team about all of our payment options, including PatientFi, CareCredit, Alphaeon Credit, Prosper Healthcare Lending, Key Bank, and YesDoctor. 

What is the expected “shelf life” of breast implants?

Implants don’t have an expiration date but might need replacement or removal over time due to changes in preference, lifestyle, complications, or body changes. Regular check-ups can help monitor their condition. 

Can breast augmentation affect breastfeeding or mammograms?

Many women can breastfeed with implants, but it can depend on the type of surgery. As for mammograms, breast implants can obscure findings, but technicians know how to work around any difficulties, so you don’t need to worry. It’s a good conversation to have with Dr. Buford, your primary doctor, and maybe even your oncologist beforehand about your concerns. 

Are there any risks to breast augmentation?

Like any surgery, there are risks such as infection, changes in nipple sensation, or implant leakage (which can lead to further complications depending on your implant material). Dr. Buford will make sure you are fully aware of these potential risks, let you know your risk level, and answer any questions you may have. 

Denver's Complete Guide to Breast Augmentation

Choose BEAUTY by BUFORD For The Best Breast Augmentation Experience!

Whatever your specific reason for considering breast surgery, we understand that it all boils down to helping you feel at home in your body. BEAUTY by BUFORD in Lone Tree, Colorado, is dedicated to ensuring your breast augmentation is safe and achieves the aesthetics you hope for. Schedule your consultation today and experience the difference that compassionate care from a board-certified plastic surgeon can make in your life.