Dr. Buford Presents The Boob Job Bible: Your Ultimate Guide to Breast Surgery

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Have you read everything you can find about breast implants but still wonder what it is that people aren’t telling you? If you’re ready to learn what it’s really like to get breast augmentation—from selecting your implants to returning to work after surgery—then Gregory A. Buford, MD, FACS, PCEO wrote The Boob Job Bible for you.

The Boob Job Bible is your candid, practical guide to breast augmentation

The Boob Job Bible offers practical wisdom, such as how to find a surgeon and heal faster, while also answering the questions you’re wondering about (even the uncomfortable ones). This book includes user-friendly illustrations to educate you on the choices you’ll make with your surgeon, such as your incision and implant placement options, as well as implant profiles and types. You will even enjoy a comprehensive timeline of what to expect each day of your recovery.

While breast enhancement used to be a taboo subject, women from all walks of life with a variety of aesthetic preferences are undergoing breast augmentation. The Boob Job Bible offers wisdom that patients, like you, can put to use. Industry expert and board certified plastic surgeon Jason N. Pozner, MD, FACS praises the book as “one of the most comprehensive guides to breast implant surgery.”

To give you a sense of the insider knowledge you’ll get from the book, here’s a little backstory, a preview of The Boob Job Bible, and two ways to get your hands on a copy.

The story of The Boob Job Bible

Having published Beauty and the Business, a primer on strategies for building and growing a customer-centric aesthetic medical practice, and Eat Drink Heal, a post-surgical nutrition guide, Dr. Buford chose to focus his attention on one of the most life-affirming, confidence-boosting procedures for his patients: breast augmentation. Dr. Buford says that, more than any other procedure, breast augmentation patients are beaming with confidence when he walks into the room for their 6-month postoperative checkup.

To help women thrive throughout this journey, Dr. Buford crafted the The Boob Job Bible to be an informative resource that clears up the many questions, mistruths, and fables that women have encountered across the internet, from friends, and even from medical providers. It’s chock full of honest advice and tips for enjoying the best possible results—starting with how to find a surgeon you can trust, and ending with answers to questions women have about their implants 10 or 20 years down the road.

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Excerpt from The Boob Job Bible: “Pain Management after Breast Augmentation”

After working with patients in over 4,000 breast augmentation procedures, I have figured out a few ways to minimize discomfort and pain to ensure the best possible healing process. You will be prescribed pain medication after surgery, but our goal is to manage pain with as little narcotic medication as possible—while also getting you back to normal as soon as possible.

Muscle spasms, shooting pains, soreness, and pectoral muscle tightness—the “wonder woman” effect after under-the-muscle breast augmentation—are all interconnected. This supplemental pain protocol helps with all of these common post-surgical issues:

  • Wear your breast band. We will send you home with a post-surgical bra that supports your implants during recovery and helps to reduce swelling.
  • Practice implant massage. I recommend breast implant massage beginning 36 hours after surgery and continuing on a regular basis throughout the first month with your implants.
  • Supplement with CBD. CBD, both taken sublingually or massaged onto the pectoral muscle, can often help with spasms and pain—with literally zero side effects.
  • Take oral magnesium. This mineral is a natural muscle relaxant.
  • Stretch. Gentle pectoral stretches against a door frame help with pain, spasms, and implant settling. Extend your arms back slowly and gently—but don’t flap them.
  • Indulge in an epsom salt bath. Epsom salts are primarily composed of magnesium. Combined with the muscle-relaxing warmth of a bath, this is an old-fashioned, tried and true way to help relax your tight pectoral muscles. You’ll need to wait about 4 weeks after surgery to take a bath, after your incisions have healed. If you’re unsure about whether or not you are ready, talk to your surgeon.
  • Time. Realistically, it’s going to take time for your implants to settle. Expect this, and be patient.

In rare cases, patients’ constricted pectoral muscles are especially slow to respond to the above methods. To help the muscle relax, I can inject Botox into the pectoral muscle, which blocks nerve signals to the muscle and thereby stops it from contracting. I have found this to be a very effective means to help relax the muscles and allow the breast implants to settle more effectively.

How to get your hands on the book

The Boob Job Bible is meant to be by your side through your breast enhancement journey. So, we came up with two convenient ways for you to keep it on hand:

However you access the book, we hope that this guide empowers you through the deeply personal and totally rewarding breast augmentation experience.

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