How to Erase Facial Scars: A Patient Example

Scarring is one of the unfortunate outcomes of many procedures but most scars tend to soften and fade over time.  But when a procedure procedures a scar with an unacceptable appearance, the result can be very distressing and often challenging to improve.

Buford-before-after-facial-scarsToday’s example is that of a young woman who recently underwent a series of steroid injections to her lower middle forehead for treatment of acne.  Unfortunately, steroid injections can sometimes produce divots or localized depressions at the site of treatment and that is exactly what happened here.

When she presented to me, she was noted to a centralized depressed scar measuring just over a centimeter in transverse length to her central forehead and was distraught over how obvious this scar was and the fact that it hadn’t shown improvement since her treatment.

To lift and soften the scar, I gently undermined (subcised) the scar and then injected Juvederm Ultra XC (a hyaluronic acid facial injectable filler) into the site.  The area was then smoothed and iced topically.

When she represented a month later, she was extremely pleased with the improvement…as was I.

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