Eye M Beautiful: An Innovative Treatment Package for the Early Signs of Aging

Do you believe the old saying that the eyes are windows to the soul? Well, I have a procedure for you.

Actually I have a combination of procedures—my Eye M Beautiful program renews and reverses the early signs of aging, which often occur at the eyes. My proprietary approach uses techniques that are minimally invasive, so there’s little wait time before you see results.

How can this personalized therapy address your concerns? If you’re like many of my patients, you may want facial rejuvenation, but aren’t ready for a surgical approach. In thinking about how to best serve these patients like you, I examined images in beauty magazines to define a “youthful” appearance. Eyes convey well being and beauty and they proved to be the key to this research, as studies show that human beings tend to look directly at the eyes. Accordingly, I developed this program to target the eyes and midface.

This Denver eye treatment package is a great choice for someone new to cosmetic procedures. It’s an affordable, non-surgical treatment option that can last several years with proper care and the occasional touch-up. Delicate, thinning eye skin gets just the right kind of gentle-but-effective attention.

The beauty of this synergistic approach is that success doesn’t rely on just one therapy. Depending on your needs, the package can include Botox®, dermal fillers, laser technology, and at-home use of physician-grade skin care products. Latisse can also be incorporated to reverse the thinning of eyelashes that nearly always happens with the aging process.

Botox® is an important component in the program because it reverses age-related wrinkles on the forehead and also helps prevent lines from forming. The various fillers such as Radiesse® or Juvedérm XC® treat deep creases and restore lost volume that is a result of collagen breakdown. Laser skin resurfacing polishes away wrinkles and fine lines, evens out skin coloration, and minimizes many visible signs of eye aging. After a laser procedure, you’ll need a short time for healing before you may begin a course of Latisse.

Maintenance of your newly refreshed eye area can greatly extend the lasting effects of the Eye M Beautiful treatment package. Using moisturizer and sunscreen products daily (or more often!) is of course very important. We’ll give you specific guidance on what to use, where, and when. These may also be supplemented with a retinol (vitamin A-derived) product and perhaps TNS Essential Serum from SkinMedica, which improves the skin’s texture and tone and provides immediate smoothing.

My aesthetician tracks the progress of your treatment to ensure that the combination of therapies we designed for you has a maximal effect. The Eye M Beautiful sequence of non-surgical rejuvenation is the secret to treating early signs of aging. It delivers results you’ll be able to see and appreciate every day.