An Innovative Approach to Lost Volume

Many people spend time trying to figure out how to lose the extra volume on their bodies. But as we age, the loss of fat in our cheeks can give the face a hollow, sunken appearance. Several recent studies have clearly demonstrated that we lose mid-face volume as early as our mid-thirties, and the process continues as we age.

To address this issue, Denver Plastic Surgeon Dr. Buford of BEAUTY by BUFORD in Lone Tree, CO, pioneered a unique procedure to restore youthful fullness to his patients' faces.


Face & Skin Self-Assessment

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The Deep Cheek Volumization℠ (DCV) method effectively replenishes cheek volume lost as part of the natural aging process. While most injectors are still focusing on treating nasolabial folds, current thinking is that this is merely a by-product of mid-face volume loss and that much of the appearance of the folds can actually be treated by restoring lost volume to your cheeks and surrounding areas.

Given his background and experience in this area, Dr. Buford was recently selected as one of only twenty-seven MASTER VOLUMA trainers in the United States responsible for teaching other medical professionals on this technique.


The Perfect Formula for Beautiful Results

Dr. Buford's unique treatment includes a customized deep placement of a hyaluronic acid dermal filler to re-inflate the cheeks and restore natural fullness and a youthful appearance with minimal recovery time.

By carefully planning the location and depth of each injection, Dr. Buford can give you the appearance of more prominent cheekbones, smoother cheek skin, and a youthful contour.

Although your experience may vary depending on your unique concerns and desired results, DCV treatment typically takes less than half an hour and usually requires only one to four injections to dramatically rejuvenate the appearance of your cheeks.

Each treatment is fully customized, allowing Dr. Buford to create a natural-looking result through customized placement, amount and type of product, and location of injection. Because the treatment involves a deeper placement of the product, you should experience minimal discomfort and downtime after your injection.


Ready to Take the Next Step?

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