Put Fat in Its Place

Wondering how to get rid of unwanted fat and wishing you could spread it to the places that need it more? Now you can place your fat exactly where you want it. Sometimes referred to as fat transfer, Liposculpture, or Lipostructure, structured fat grafting is a cosmetic procedure at BEAUTY by BUFORD in Lone Tree, CO, that uses your own fat reserves to augment, rejuvenate, or correct your cheeks and lips.


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Over time, the loss of subcutaneous fat can cause your face to look drawn and aged, particularly in the lower face. By replenishing lost volume with your own fat, Dr. Buford can help you achieve a softer, smoother, more youthful-looking appearance.


How Fat Grafting Works

Dr. Buford will begin by harvesting fat from the selected area, commonly the abdomen or buttocks, using a special, hollow tube called a cannula. As he is harvesting fat through liposuction, Dr. Buford will carefully contour the area until the desired result has been achieved.

After this step is completed, the fat is carefully stored while incisions are closed, and the injection site is prepared. Dr. Buford will then utilize a much smaller cannula to inject the fat in a way that creates definition, adds natural-looking volume, and fills in shallow creases.

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