Forget the diet, your new weight loss method may be a new device

webmd_taglineWeight loss continues to be a hot topic as many of us struggle to control our waistline.  But despite what we were taught in the past, that obesity is the result of lack of control, many people may be gaining weight more as the result of functioning (or malfunctioning) of their own genetic wiring.  So with this in mind, what options are we left with?

A new approach to weight loss sidesteps changes in diet and exercise and skips right to medical devices.  Some of these devices try and mimic satiety (“fullness after eating”) while others work directly on the nerves controlling our hunger impulses.

To learn more about this growing field and the options that may soon be available, I encourage you to CLICK HERE.  After reading, I encourage your feedback.  Do you agree with these devices or are these simply a poor replacement for self-control?  What do you think?

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