Get rid of Brown Spots for Good! Now 20% off for June & July!

Melasma1One of the top concerns we hear from our patients is how to not only remove brown spots but, as importantly, how to keep them away. I recently had the opportunity to interact with a panel of top nationally recognized dermatologists at the Cosmetic Bootcamp where we discussed the treatment of facial aging and, most specifically, elimination of brown spots.

In combination with treatments such as chemical peels, laser resurfacing, or iPL, for years, the mainstay for the treatment of dyschromias or “brown spots” was topical hydroquinone. But although this was a great way to even the complexion, it also required taking a break or “holiday” to maintain its effective. And, recent concerns have been addressed at the safety of its use long-term.

To address this apparent gap in treatment options, SkinMedica recently came forward with its own option, Lytera. This topical is a non-hydroquinone based product and instead uses it’s own propriety compound, SMA-432, to address pathways associated with melanogenesis (brown spot formation). In order to establish both safety and efficacy, the company recently compared its non-hydroquinone formulation to that of the Obagi Hydroquinone-containing formulation. The study found efficacy of the SkinMedica product to be comparable to that of the Obagi product.

As a consumer, you have a number of choices to use in treating dyschromias and these choices can often be overwhelming. I encourage you to review this study and come to your own conclusions. Our personal experience with the product so far has been very positive. Our clients also appreciate the fact that it is priced almost 50% lower than the comparable Obagi product making Lytera even more attractive.

During the month of June & July, we are offering 20% off of the full line of SkinMedica products. We encourage you to try them and see how much younger you can look with absolutely no downtime.

Click this link to read the study: Lytera JDD Dec 2012 Mehta PHD


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