Got Skin Problems? We Can Solve Them

logoDo you avoid mirrors because of the condition of your skin? You don’t have to be suffer in silence; we offer many ways to reduce or eliminate the frustration you feel through nonsurgical skin rejuvenation.

The appearance of your skin comes from a combination of genetic factors, lifestyle choices, and environmental conditions. For example, if your grandmother has remarkably youthful-looking skin, chances are some of her grandchildren—you?—will too. Is your dad’s skin easily sunburned? That, too, is usually a family trait.

Whether you’ve inherited less-than-perfect skin, spent too much in the sun, or developed age-related issues, we can develop a treatment program for you. Here are some of the common issues Dr. Buford sees in his practice:

  • Uneven skin tone. Uneven skin pigmentation affects both women and men. Although genetics determine the skin’s level of melanin, the body also produces it to protect itself against damage from the sun. The aging process and hormone-related changes (from pregnancy or birth control pills) can also affect skin tone. Our Active FX laser is very effective in smoothing out skin tone.
  • Redness. Whether you have diffuse, overall redness or broken capillaries, Dr. Buford can assess the reason for the redness and then recommend a solution. Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) photo-rejuvenation therapy can often reduce redness as well as improve overall skin quality.
  • Scars. Although the skin heals itself, the repaired tissue can be fibrous rather than smooth. Deeper wounds or problems during healing can create thick, unsightly scars. Not all scars are alike, either; a bumpy keloid scar is quite different from the tight look of a healed burn or acne scarring. Dr. Buford tailors his approach to the type and degree of scarring present, often using laser treatments in tandem with a topical steroid and SkinMedica’s amazing TNS Recovery Complex.
  • Lines or wrinkles. Your genetics and your lifestyle are always on display on your skin. Lines and wrinkles can have a more pronounced appearance in aging skin that becomes more thin through the years, but you can reduce lines and wrinkles without surgery. Dr. Buford is adept at using the Active FX system to treat a wide range of skin imperfections, including deep lines and wrinkles. He is a trainer for the Active FX laser system, so he knows its potential very well.
  • Loss of volume. Facial fillers such as Juvederm and the newly approved Voluma can replace lost volume, improving the skin’s overall appearance. Facial volume is depleted in a predictable manner beginning in the early 30s, so it’s important to address lost volume to reverse the aging process. Dr. Buford is a nationally recognized trainer and consultant for these products and can provide expert advice on the most effective use of fillers.
  • Loose skin. If you see some early signs of aging, now is the time to begin treatment; the longer you wait, the more extensive the treatment will have to be. Laser therapy stimulates the formation of new collagen, resulting in firmer, more youthful skin. Several products from the SkinMedica line promote skin firmness, and we believe in them so strongly that we offer a guarantee! This is the only professional skin care line that we carry—it’s that good.

It’s important to seek professional advice for improving the condition of the skin, because often combination therapy may produce the most satisfying outcome. For example, injectables, laser treatment, and medical skin care used together can be much more effective than using any single treatment alone. Dr. Buford has offered this type of comprehensive approach for many years and he feels it provides optimal results.

If you’re avoiding mirrors, come in for a consultationation with Dr. Buford. He can advise you on the best approach to getting smooth, clear, youthful-looking skin.