Have you seen the “Nip Tuck Coach”?

postcastcover-300x298-2Finding a qualified Plastic Surgeon can be daunting.  We are literally bombarded with claims of techniques that will make us more youthful with no downtime, no pain, and at little cost.  But what information should we actually believe and how can we find someone who is actually experienced?

To meet this demand, Michele Garber launched a service which actually connects with you a qualified Surgeon based upon where you live and what you are looking for.  I had the pleasure of speaking with Michele a few weeks ago on her radio show and really enjoyed connecting with someone who truly knows the business.  To listen to our interview, please CLICK HERE.

ABC News recently did a story on Michele and talked about her mission to guide patients towards qualified and experienced physicians.  To read this story, please CLICK HERE.

Thanks again for your continued support!  I hope this information is helpful!