Having a Baby Changes Everything

Reclaim your Before Baby Body with a revolutionary total body care approach by
Denver-based Plastic Surgeon, Gregory Buford, MD

While many women embark on motherhood with unwavering joy, changes to their bodies during and after pregnancy have an unexpected side effect: body image issues. In fact, whether it is stretch marks and less than perky breasts, or flabby tummies and thicker thighs, unwanted post-baby bodies can add to a woman’s postpartum depression.

But according to Gregory Buford, MD, a board certified Plastic Surgeon with the Center for Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery, it doesn’t have to be that way. Dr. Buford, whose extensive training has propelled him to the forefront of his industry, pioneered Before Baby Body, a series of services that combats the impact of pregnancy and childbirth on a woman’s body so she can get back to that body she knows and loves.

A strong advocate of nutrition and exercise, Dr. Buford admits that sometimes diet and exercise alone can’t shed the unwanted fatty deposits formed after pregnancy – nor can a healthy lifestyle firm up flattened breasts. So when hormonal fluctuations during pregnancy produce stubborn fat build up in the tummy and thigh areas, and loss of volume in the chest, Dr. Buford says that the right balance of smart eating, exercise and customized nips and tucks can help all women reclaim their “before baby” body.

Dr. Buford believes that helping someone look and feel her personal best is an individualized approach. So he takes a compassionate interest in each patient, listening to her desire to reclaim the body she once had. Unlike many of his peers, Dr. Buford is especially adept at communicating with his patients to not only create original looks, but also make them feel comfortable during this often emotional time.

One patient extolled: “I did quite a bit of research prior to making my decision, and I felt confident in Dr. Buford’s abilities. He is not only an outstanding surgeon; he is a great person as well. The entire process (from initial consultation through post-op appointments) was perfect, and I was put at ease immediately with his professional manner. I couldn’t be more pleased with my results!”

In working closely with his clients, Dr. Buford determines their specific needs and develops a personalized plan that leaves each woman looking and feeling beautiful – inside and out. Dr. Buford’s Before Baby Body experience may include services such as:

For the many women who are interested in the rejuvenating aspects of plastic surgery, yet don’t know where to start or are discouraged by the myths surrounding plastic surgery, Dr. Buford is committed to providing clients with honest feedback so they can make informed treatment decisions. Additionally, as part of Dr. Buford’s tailor-made package, he minimizes another obstacle standing in women’s way: time.

With a new baby or a growing family, finding the time for plastic surgery can prove to be a challenge. But the Before Baby Body’s complete suite of services blend together to bring the best possible results with the least amount of downtime. Indeed, in six weeks or less after the procedure, patients will already be able to enjoy their beautiful, lasting results.

“Developing the Before Baby Body has added so much to my practice,” says Dr. Buford. “Seeing the transformation that women go through – from feeling inadequate emotionally and physically to feeling like the most beautiful person in the room – is the greatest reward of all.”