How to Spend a Lot of Money to Look Like Someone you are Not!

883717_10151921513905861_392109913_oThe latest Plastic Surgery craze appears to be the pursuit of looking like someone you are not…namely, a specific celebrity. Whether that celebrity is (god forbid) Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lawrence, or Angelina Jolie, patients are shelling out a tremendous amount of money to alter their features to more closely resemble their favorite famous look.

And while this trend is seen as new, it really is not. In the past we have always identified a specific trait from someone else that we admired. Whether that was a more angular nose, more arched cheekbones, or a more voluminous backside, the point is that we used another person as a reference. The only difference now is that we are actually pointing to another person specifically and, in some instances, we are actually trying to not only borrow one trait but also mirror their overall look. And that is where it gets a little weird.

Plastic Surgeons have always been faced with the onerous task of specifically identifying each patient’s motivation for surgery. Now it seems that a certain subset of patients are making no bones about it…they really want to look like someone else. So is that healthy? In my opinion…no!

Many of us have always referred to a certain person’s specific asset (e.g.: a wonderful nose or shapely breasts) and have used this asset to describe what we see as potentially a Platonic ideal for that specific body part. But the rules have changed and we have apparently become more greedy in wanting not only one body part but the whole package. Our patients are seeking to look like someone else. And that is not healthy. When performed for the right reason, on the right patient, by the right surgeon, Plastic Surgery can be a positive literally life-changing experience. But this assumes that the underlying motivations are healthy. The person that walks into our office is the same person that walks out after surgery. The only difference is an external change. The internal change is up to you. And the more secure you are to begin with and the purer your motivations are for undergoing the elective procedure, the greater the chance you will be pleased with the results. And if looking like someone else is what you are truly aiming for, I suggest rethinking your decision.

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