ICYMI, the Future of Skin Tightening is Here: Helium Plasma + RF

Rewind the clock 15 years in fashion and beauty: low rise jeans, track suits, and cargo pants were the “it” looks. Shimmering pastel makeup was only just being usurped by the debut of the smoky eye. And we plastic surgeons had far fewer ways to treat sagging skin—basically, surgical excision was the only real solution (unless you were up for having the overfilled Joan Rivers look). The last decade or so brought the advancement of radiofrequency (RF) technology but results were fairly subtle and most likely to be appreciated by those who needed it least: patients just noticing the very first signs of skin laxity. I remember thinking, if only we could safely amp up this technology to the point where it could fix more notable sagging!

Enter helium plasma. By combining the cooling powers of helium plasma with RF, we can now significantly increase the power of RF treatment without damaging tissues. This allows us to use radiofrequency to treat deeper layers of the skin, greatly increasing collagen production and producing near-magic results in terms of skin tightening. FDA approved in spring 2019 and marketed under the name brand Renuvion, this procedure does require more downtime than more basic RF treatments but the results are stunning.

Top Uses of Renuvion Skin Tightening

i.e. Where results leap past existing skin treatments

Put simply, Renuvion results are mind-blowing. Here are some of my favorite uses of the technology.

Tummy tightening

I can’t tell you how many times over the years I’ve spoken with moms embarrassed by excess abdominal skin. It was especially hard to tell fairly fit women that despite all their concerted exercise and diet efforts, a tummy tuck would be required to get rid of the sagging skin on their bellies. Now I can recommend Renuvion. Check out these results!

Neck tightening

Imagine telling a 45 year old they need a face/neck lift to correct their developing neck appearance concerns; I’ve had to break this news to patients innumerable times in the past. Now Renuvion can deliver results along the lines of surgical neck lifting in patients with visible neck laxity.

Arm lifting

This use truly blows my mind. The upper arms are one of those areas where most everyone will see some degree of drooping by the time they are 40-something, and it feels like a harbinger of old age. Yet patients are understandably reluctant to have a visible scar down the inside of their arms that will take a year or more to fade into insignificance. Renuvion allows me to reset the appearance of the arms and provide the trim, toned appearance you want when wearing sleeveless apparel.

Rewind your clock 15 years

Remember the 15-year rewind I mentioned earlier? While few of us would want to don our outfits from that era, I’m pretty sure we all covet the firmer skin we enjoyed back in 2005, and Renuvion might be just the ticket. I’m planning to answer all of your burning questions about this awesome technology during a special webinar on April 28th at 5:30pm. Get all the details and RSVP. (Hint: you can save 20% on your treatment!)

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