Introducing a Revolutionary Way to Turn Back the Clock

At BEAUTY by BUFORD, as we head into Spring we are seeing more and more patients asking for non-invasive ways to look and feel their very best.  Whether for an upcoming reunion, wedding, or simply a family get together, our patients are looking for the latest technology to help them turn back the proverbial clock.

To meet this growing demand, we recently introduced a new technology for skin tightening that is rapidly achieving national buzz.  The SCITON SkinTyte laser uses safe infrared light to comfortably deliver heat energy beneath your skin’s surface to tighten skin and address skin laxity.

This amazing new technology selectively heats collagen within your skin’s dermis while at the same time chilling and protecting the outer epidermal layer.  This combined effect allows for the laser to deliver energy to a target layer while protecting the remaining skin.  Following treatment, the collagen becomes contracted with the overall result leading to tightening of the overlying skin.

SkinTyte technology can be used on virtually all areas of the body affected by sun damage or the aging process.  In addition to treating damaged skin, it has also shown benefit in addressing other conditions such as the following:

  • Erythema (red) skin rejuvenation
  • Flushed skin patches
  • Acne scarring (mild)
  • Rosacea
  • Fine facial lines and wrinkling
  • Telangiectasia
  • Hyper-pigmentation
  • Tightening of facial skin before or after
  • Face or neck lift surgery
  • Chemical peeling
  • Treatment of resistant wrinkles following use of BOTOX® Cosmetic or facial fillers
  • In combination with microdermabrasion to achieve an even more dramatic result

So how does this treatment actually work?
SkinTyte technology uses infrared heat energy to partially denature and contract collagen deep with the skin.  With this, collagen is not only tightened but the surrounding environment is also stimulated to produce new, more robust collagen.

How should you prepare for you SkinTyte treatment?
Prior to your appointment, all facial make-up, ointments or creams must be removed. Men will be asked to shave on the day of treatment prior to arrival at the office.
Before starting your treatment, eye shields or goggles will be placed to protect your eyes.  And for those with very sensitive skin, a numbing gel may be placed for up to 45 minutes before treatment to keep you as comfortable as possible.

For optimal results (and depending upon body areas treated), most patients require anywhere from 2-5 sessions with each session spaced 3-4 weeks apart with sessions generally lasting around 45 minutes depending upon the number of areas treated.

What is involved with the treatments?
Because our goal is to keep you as comfortable as possible, we may suggest that a topical numbing cream is used prior to your procedure.  And for those more sensitive patients, we can prescribe a mild medication for pain and/or anxiety.

Expect some degree of minimal facial swelling the day following your treatment. This will resolve pretty quickly and most patients are able to wear makeup soon after. Keep in mind that it takes time for changes to the collagen to occur and so maximal results are generally seen around 3-6 months after your initial visit.

Post-treatment pigmentation has been noted on occasion, but is highly treatable and fortunately very rare. Even rarer is a decrease in pigmentation of the skin after treatments. This also clears in time as well. We have never seen a scar or infection of the skin after treatment but it can occur. Swelling of the face for 3-5 days occasionally occurs and is most common in severely sun damaged skin due to reduced quality of connective tissue around the blood vessels.

After an initial series of 3-5 treatments, most patients achieve maximal continued results through maintenance sessions. In addition, if you are not currently on a medical skin care regimen, our skilled aestheticians will personally design one for you that will help protect your skin for years to come.

The field of Cosmetic Medicine is rapidly changing as new advancements in technology make it easier and more pain-free to look and feel your very best. We look forward to helping you achieve your goals for the New Year and are proud to introduce this revolutionary new advancement to our clients.

Spring SkinTyte Special

Purchase a package of 3 treatments for $1,200 (Regularly priced at $1,500)

SkinTyte Treatments are associated with little to no pain and  no downtime.

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Prices Valid through May 31, 2011