Introducing EON, the New Non-Surgical Body Contouring Device Everyone is Talking About

Woman with Beautiful Body Enjoys Pool Thanks to eon Non-Surgical Body Contouring DeviceEarlier this year, news of a brand-new non-surgical body contouring device called EON was announced. Since then, EON has been making waves in the aesthetic community, with providers from all disciplines weighing in on its efficacy. As you know, I take a critical approach when it comes to “trendy” technologies (there are reasons we don’t offer CoolSculpting)—so believe us when we say we have thoroughly and objectively reviewed EON before adding it to our body sculpting offerings. Read on to learn how EON works, and how it compares to other fat-reducing procedures.

What is EON?

EON from Dominion Aesthetic is a new body contouring device that doesn’t require incisions, cannulas, saline solutions, or anesthesia. Instead, EON utilizes thermal laser energy and cooling technology to heat fat below the skin’s surface while maintaining a comfortable, pain-free experience. The EON device is completely automated; its smart-sensor technology maps your belly’s unique topography to provide customized treatment, while its articulating arm ensures that your fat loss will appear even.

EON vs CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting has gained immense popularity over the last decade for its novel approach to freezing away unwanted fat. But how does CoolSculpting compare to EON for non-surgical body contouring? Let’s take a look.

Fat reduction

According to a clinical study, EON patients lost an average of 21.6% abdominal fat (25.3% in the lower abdomen) with just a single treatment; some patients experienced as much as 40% fat loss. Additionally, patients experienced an average waist reduction of 1.6 inches with EON, equivalent to 2 belt sizes. Over 73% of EON patients showed greater than 20% fat reduction in their abdomen.

In comparison, most patients experience an average fat loss of 20.4% with CoolSculpting. 21.6% vs. 20.4% may not seem like a huge difference, but when it comes to fat loss, every bit matters!

Treatment area

EON is able to treat up to 6 times the surface area that other body contouring applicators can treat. Thanks to its extra-large surface area and dual thermal technology, EON can treat the entire abdomen in just one hour, with some treatments taking as little as 20 minutes.

In comparison, CoolSculpting takes about 35-60 minutes per treatment, but has a smaller treatment area than EON. Therefore, CoolSculpting can’t treat the abdomen in the same amount of time as EON unless the practice has multiple CoolSculpting devices—which often costs more.

While EON is only FDA-cleared to treat the abdomen and flanks, it is currently undergoing clinical trials for use in additional treatment sites. CoolSculpting can treat multiple areas of the body, however, EON is specifically designed to eliminate fat from the entire abdomen, making it a more effective treatment for patients wishing to sculpt their midsection. In our office, we’re working to develop additional treatment areas for EON to enhance versatility for our patients.

Comfort level

EON treatment is easy, comfortable, and pain-free. Patients often complain that CoolSculpting is uncomfortable and even painful.

Side effects

Most patients do not experience side effects with EON, and if they do, they are typically mild and resolve themselves within a day or two. CoolSculpting usually doesn’t have any side effects associated with it either; however, about 1 out of 138 CoolSculpting patients experience paradoxical adipose hyperplasia (PAH), commonly known as the “stick of butter” effect. In patients with PAH, their treatment area becomes visibly enlarged, appearing swollen and inflamed with an extra accumulation of fat. This side effect can last for 2-5 months after treatment, and the only way to correct it is with surgery.

If you’re looking for an easy, low-risk way to try out body contouring, EON is the perfect treatment.

Mechanism of treatment

EON destroys fat cells using heat-based laser technology and prompts the body to naturally eliminate them through its lymphatic system. CoolSculpting uses a fat-freezing process called cryolipolysis to destroy fat cells and also eliminates them through the lymphatic system.


EON uses an autonomous robotic articulating arm to ensure even fat reduction across the abdomen with no missed spots. In comparison, a provider manually applies and moves CoolSculpting’s suctioning applicator to spot-treat fat, increasing the chances you’ll have uneven results or overlooked fat pockets.


EON results typically appear within 12 weeks, while CoolSculpting results typically appear within 12-16 weeks.

EON vs VASER liposuction

VASER liposuction uses ultrasound energy to break up fat cells. VASER liposuction has quickly become a favorite alternative to traditional liposuction, thanks to its less invasive mechanism and easy downtime. But unlike CoolSculpting and EON, VASER liposuction is a minimally invasive procedure, meaning it requires a few small incisions. Since comparing VASER liposuction to EON isn’t necessarily comparing apples to apples, let’s look at situations where one procedure would be more effective than the other:

EON is superior if:

  • You want to avoid incisions and needles. VASER liposuction doesn’t require skin excision (the removal of skin), but it does require making a few incisions in order to insert its ultrasound applicator wand and fat-suctioning cannula. EON, on the other hand, requires no incisions, cannulas, anesthesia, or stitches. If you want to avoid incisions and needles altogether, choose EON.
  • You want zero downtime. VASER liposuction requires 1-2 weeks of downtime for treating the abdominal area; in contrast, EON requires no downtime. If you’re looking for a procedure with zero downtime, EON is your best bet.
  • You want to “test drive” body contouring. If you’re looking for an easy, low-risk way to try out body contouring, EON is the perfect treatment. Plus, EON won’t affect your ability to try liposuction later on if you decide to take your body contouring results to the next level.

VASER liposuction is superior if:

  • You want to treat fat in multiple areas. VASER liposuction is very effective at spot-treating small pockets of fat. EON is ideal for treating the entire abdomen. If you’re looking to spot-treat fat on areas other than the abdomen, VASER lipo is your go-to procedure.
  • You have extensive body fat. VASER liposuction may be a better option for patients who have more extensive body fat. Both VASER and EON have a high satisfaction rate after just one treatment, but if you are 10+ pounds overweight, VASER will provide more noticeable fat reduction than EON.
  • You want to combine procedures. VASER lipo is often included as part of a larger procedure, like a mommy makeover or a tummy tuck. EON can also be combined with other body procedures, but it would not be a good replacement for liposuction in a body lifting procedure.
  • You want skin tightening, too. The VASER liposuction wand emits heat for post-fat-reduction skin tightening; EON does not tighten skin. If you want fat reduction and skin tightening in one procedure, choose VASER liposuction. That said, EON can be combined with Renuvion for advanced non-surgical fat reduction and skin tightening across the entire abdomen.

When can I get EON treatment in Denver?

Denver board certified plastic surgeon Gregory A. Buford, MD, FACS, PCEO is excited to announce the arrival of EON body contouring at his Lone Tree practice. To be one of the first patients in the nation to receive EON, contact us online or call 303-951-5829 to reserve your appointment.