Introducing VASER Shape: The Newest Non Surgical Device For Ridding Unwanted Fat

Are you tired of exercising and dieting and still fighting love handles?  Well thanks to Sound Surgical (SST), the company that developed VASER ultrasonic liposuction, good news is here.  SST just released the new VASER Shape, a body contouring device that is non-invasive, non-painful, requires no incisions, and is associated with no downtime. 

The downside?  You may have to buy new clothes after your VASER Shape treatment!

The VASER Shape is an exciting alternative to conventional or even laser-assisted liposuction because it is completely non-invasive.  Using two ultrasound heads positioned next to each other, energy is converged in a V-like manner and delivered to the fatty tissue below.  By doing this, half the energy is transmitted through the skin at one point and is then doubled when the beams come together in the fatty tissue beneath.  Once they do, fat cells are disrupted and made leaky.  Their contents are then harmlessly absorbed by your body over the next few days to weeks.   For many patients, this seemingly basic treatment has removed as much as several inches of waistline per treatment. VASER Shape is shown as one of the most effective methods for treating cellulite.

Most doctors are recommending anywhere from 4-6 VASER Shape treatments although some results may be seen immediately. VASER Shape treatment sessions are virtually painless, last anywhere from 20-30 minutes (depending upon the number of areas treated), and have been compared to a hot stone massage. 

Cost of the procedure is dependent upon the number of areas treated and the number of sessions required.  As with any other body contouring procedure, best results are achieved when you combined VASER Shape with appropriate diet and exercise. 

Virtually every day, I see clients who are active, eat right, but simply cannot get the body they want.  As one of the first centers in Colorado to offer VASER Shape,  I am excited to offer my patients a non-invasive way to sculpt their bodies in little time with no pain, no downtime, and no incision.  In my mind, this is a win-win scenario!

 All Photos Courtesy of General Project
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