Introducing XEOMIN: The Latest Treatment for Facial Aging

As if you weren’t already confused about which injectable to choose, the FDA recently approved a new competitor to Botox. This new kid on the block goes by the name Xeomin and is brought to you by the same company that manufactures the filler injectable, Radiesse. So what’s the big deal and will Xeomin be any better than it’s currently available alternative Botox?

All neuromodulators, such as Botox, share a common core protein. This single protein is responsible for blocking the message from the nerve telling the muscle to fire. The result is that the muscle does not receive the message; the muscle doesn’t contract, and over time the skin overlying this muscle relaxes and its wrinkles soften and often go away completely. What differentiate the various products are the additional proteins surrounding this central core. These accessory proteins affect specific qualities of the injectable such as how many days it requires to take effect, how long it lasts, and it’s potential for local diffusion. And this is where Xeomin is so different.

Xeomin varies from all currently available products in that it is a “naked” toxin. While it contains the same central core protein, it brings with it no accessory proteins. What’s the big deal, you ask? Each time we are exposed to proteins, our bodies potentially can react to these specific proteins and develop antibodies. A good example of this is when we get a flu shot. In the case of the flu, it’s great that we develop antibodies. But in the case of a neuromodulator, when we develop antibodies we effectively develop immunity and so the product becomes less and less effective until it simply doesn’t work. And for that reason investigators are looking into whether or not Xeomin may be a more effective option in the long run than Botox. So far, this has not been proven in the lab nor has it been seen among European injectors who have had access to all three products for several years prior to their approval in the states. As such, only time will tell.

Xeomin will most likely be priced similar to its counterparts and so don’t look for tremendous cost savings. Like any injectable, many practitioners will probably offer incentives early on to introduce the new product to their patients but, in the long run, treatment costs will most likely even out.

As with any injectable, results are only as good as the person behind the needle. Look for a well-trained professional specifically skilled in this area that listens to your needs but is honest about anticipated outcome. As a national trainer, I have seen price points all across the board for these products and should emphasize that price should always be the last determining factor in who performs your injections. Remember, these results can last several months and achieve dramatic improvements in facial aging when performed correctly. The right product in the right hands is the best equation for a good outcome.

To introduce Xeomin to our clients, we will be offering a special two days-only incentive of $8.50 per unit. On December 15th and December 22nd, 2011. After this, our pricing will be the same as Botox. Come see what the buzz is all about and learn more about how to look your very best with minimal to no down-time. Please call my Denver Plastic Surgery office to schedule your treatment today. Space is limited and on a first-come basis.