Is Medical Skin Care Really Necessary?

botox photosWith literally hundreds of skin care products to choose from, how in the world do you start and which products really work? The problem with a majority of the department store brands is that the companies spend their money on marketing and advertising and very little on actually research and development. These products are also not regulated by the FDA and so the companies can literally make any claim they want about their efficacy with little to worry about getting in trouble.

Medical skin care lines, on the other hand, are tightly regulated. And because they contain much stronger ingredients, they are limited to being sold through the medical office. So do these products really work any better than your over-the-counter alternative?


As a Plastic Surgeon, my reputation is only as good as the results I deliver.  And so if I recommend products to my patients that are not effective, then my patients will not get good results, and they most likely will not come back.  Also, if I do recommend good products and use them in combination with procedures such as BOTOX or use of fillers such as Juvederm, then I can generally achieve very positive results that are far better than I could achieve with the initial procedure alone.

I recorded this brief video recently and encourage you to view it to learn more about the importance of good quality skin care!  I hope this information is helpful.

And to reward you for your time, mention to my front desk what is on the last slide and you will receive 10% off your purchase of SkinMedica products (not to be used with any other offer or incentive).

Thank you!