Is Obesity Really an Issue? You Need to Read This!

logoThe growing concern over the rise in Obesity within the US has become a conversation that many of us either engage in or simply feel uncomfortable talking about.  After all, in this day of age we spend a tremendous amount of time trying not to, God Forbid, offend anyone and obesity is a very delicate topic.  Right?

Rather we decide to tackle it head-on or if we elect to bury our proverbial heads in the sand, obesity is rapidly becoming an issue which we will not be able to ignore.  It is costing the US dearly in terms of increased healthcare expenditures related to the side-effects of obesity.  In addition, it is effectively robbing a large sector of the population of their quality of life.

I encourage you to read this very engaging and eye-opening article from the American Heart Association to learn how bad this situation is rapidly becoming.  I am posting this article to educate you as well as stimulate discussion.  Please let us know your thoughts!  We’d love to hear your insights and overall impression of this epidemic.

Be well!

Please click the following link to learn more:    AHS Statistics