“Is Your Skin Picture Perfect for the Holiday’s?”

200 MILLION!  That’s the number of photos uploaded every day on Facebook.  But sometimes photos are uploaded before we have a chance to “approve” them.  So, don’t be caught looking dull this Holiday season…

The number one question people ask me about this time of year is, “What procedure can I get done for the holiday’s with no downtime?”  My answer? A chemical peel. It’s by far the easiest, most ideal procedure to keep your skin looking its very best and photo- ready just in time for the festivities.  Not to mention, so affordable, you won’t need to skimp on the gifts.

Cooler temperatures and dry Colorado air can make it hard to keep skin looking fresh and youthful. But there is a special peel to improve the texture and tone of your skin, which can help make you look beautiful and feel great. The Illuminize Peel by SkinMedica is a gentle superficial peel, that will tighten, brighten and rejuvenate your skin in just a matter of minutes and you will leave our office with a healthy and fresh glow that will continue throughout the day and into the evening.  In fact, you can head right to the party from our office. That’s why I call it the “Before Party Peel!”  Your friends will rave about how great your skin looks and this time you’ll want your picture taken!

While light peels, such as the Iluminize Peel require minimal downtime, you’ll still benefit from the exfoliation of the top layer of skin cells, revealing a brighter, smoother complexion.  You’ll also notice that topical products tend to work more effectively.  Deeper peels do require a little downtime, but are excellent for improving pigmentation, acne, scarring, fine lines, texture, tone and clarity. Chemical peels also stimulate your own natural collagen production, thereby providing long – term benefits. At New You Colorado, we have assembled an exceptional menu of peels featuring only the most advanced technology and medical grade product lines.  Chemical peels are essential to any skin care regimen—great alone, even better at regular intervals.

So, whether you’ve had chemical peels before, you’re wanting to start a new skin care regimen, you want to enhance the results of other procedures, or simply like to maintain your healthy skin, consider a chemical peel.  They’ll get you on the fast track to youthful, glowing and absolutely flawless skin.

Now through December 15th, Illuminize Peels are only $75 (regular price $90)
Call our office today and schedule your Holiday Illuminize Peel.