Looking for more Upper Pole Fullness? Check out the new INSPIRA Breast Implant!

IMG_5993As a national leader in breast augmentation, this past Friday we were honored to be chosen by Allergan to be one of the first in the nation to try out their new high projection breast implant, INSPIRA breast implants. This implant addresses one of the most critical goals of most breast implant patients–the need for more volume to the upper pole of the breast.

One of the most common concerns that my breast enhancement patients have is how to increase fullness to the upper part of their breasts without going with an excessively large implant.  In the past, the only option was to use a much larger implant to redistribute volume and expand the upper breast.  But the problem with this is that many patients didn’t want to go so big and so they were left with a result that was a little less satisfactory and were effectively stuck between the proverbial rock and a hard place when it came to making a choice for their implants.  Now, this issue may be better addressed.

To gain more upper pole fullness, the new INSPIRA implants are designed with a slightly narrower width but with greater projection.  This design allows for the breast tissue to be filled with more projection but without the need for an excessively wide base.

IMG_5999We will be posting several patient examples in the coming months and encourage you to call us to learn more about this exciting new option.  And, by combining this new look with our Summer Breast Augmentation Special, and you could be in for an even better look at an even better price.

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