One Woman’s Breast Augmentation Story: From Deflated Soccer Mom to Sexy Woman!

After I stopped breast feeding my third child I found I was no longer pleased with the state of my now sagging breasts. I had exercised my way back down to my pre-baby weight and was even more fit than before I started having children, so why was I left with these deflated and sagging skin flaps? Where did the firm and sexy breasts of my youth go? And was there anything I could do to get them back?

I was frustrated to find that no exercise or padded bra could replace the loss of fullness my former breasts had or give me the same feeling of womanly sexiness I possessed with my pre-baby breasts. I never fully appreciated how having firmer, fuller and sexier breasts was such a part of my sense of self and womanliness until they were gone. Finding clothes, swimsuits and cocktail dresses was a challenge and there were so many things I just couldn’t wear without a particular bra, let alone go braless, and it was starting to affect my self confidence.

I began noticing other moms and found that many of them had fuller breasts than I did. Did they just have better genetics or was it possible they had managed to find the ultimate bra that I had somehow overlooked? Eventually I brought up the subject to one of my close friends, who happened to be a mom of two and filled out her tops amazingly well. She let me in on her secret; breast implants. I was shocked. I thought only models and Hollywood types got breast implants, not suburban moms. Once I knew the secret I realized how oblivious I had been to how common breast augmentation is among suburban moms. There are a lot of great-looking moms thanks to breast augmentations and I wanted to join the club.

So I began asking around. I got several names of reputable Board Certified Plastic Surgeons and I learned all about the procedure, options, recovery and possible risks. For me it was a no-brainer; I was going to have full and sexy breasts again.

After narrowing my list to three Plastic Surgeons, I interviewed each of them and decided on mine based on his years of experience, technique, reputation, expense, his staff, and finally his personality. My decision to have a breast augmentation was quickly becoming a uniquely intimate experience so I made sure I had a doctor that was not only very capable of successfully performing this transformation, but one I felt secure and comfortable with. Saying a breast augmentation is an intimate experience may sound strange, but this was my breasts/womanhood that a Plastic Surgeon was going to give back to me, and make them better than before! It’s very easy to start seeing your surgeon as a hero because what he can do for you and your self confidence is extraordinary.

After a few pre-surgery consultations with my Plastic Surgeon, I had picked out the size of implants I was going to use by “trying them on”. I placed several recommended sizes in my bra until I found the size I liked and suited my proportions. I didn’t want to go too big or look too obvious, but wanted to replace the volume I had lost by having children. I had followed my doctor’s advice and started wearing two extra-padded bras a few weeks before my surgery to get used to how I would look afterward. This is also a great way to make a sudden transformation less obvious among your friends, family and coworkers. As it turned out, many people thought I had lost weight after my breast augmentation because my fuller breasts accentuated my waistline.

The day of my breast augmentation I was taken to the outpatient surgery center at my hospital. My doctor greeted me with a smile and soon began marking my chest with a black sharpie in preparation for my surgery. I wasn’t at all nervous and was more than ready to receive my new breasts. The procedure itself lasted a couple hours and went very well. I was placed under general anesthesia while my surgeon performed this miracle and woke up with the sore breasts I anticipated tightly wrapped in a very supportive surgical bra topped with bandages to keep the new “ladies” secure. After resting for a couple hours post-operative, I was sent home to continue my recovery.

My doctor had given me some medication for the pain, but having given birth to three children I thought the pain was completely bearable and it lasted only a few days. In the weeks that followed I learned how often I actually use my pectoral muscles, as every jar of jelly I opened to make PBJ’s reminded me. There was discomfort for a few weeks afterward but the recovery process was not so bad considering the gift I had been given. Yes, I did pay for my breast augmentation but it seems like a gift since feeling like a sexy woman again instead of a deflated and self-conscious soccer mom is priceless. Having a breast augmentation is like the birth of children; you forget all about the discomfort of the process because the reward is so great.

Several years later I am still immensely happy with my decision to have a breast augmentation. I’ve had another child since then and was able to nurse her like I did my other children and my breasts still look great. I can go braless and wear what I like and I feel more attractive and sexy than I ever did before my surgery.