Oops, she did it again…

What do you do when your career tanks and no one is paying any attention?  If you’re Heidi Montag, you start complaining (or whining) again about your Plastic Surgeon.

With Ms. Montag’s career going the way of bell bottoms and the pet rock, she has apparently no other option to relight her PR fame than by, once again, complaining that she is the victim of Plastic Surgery.  Her most recent rant involves what she believes is the development of post-liposuction cellulite.  According to the once-famous actress, she has apparently been left so disfigured that she no longer cares to wear shorts.  Sad story and helpless victim?  Probably not.  Let’s look at the facts.

First, Ms. Montag began her diatribe against former Plastic Surgery, Frank Ryan, shortly after his death.  According to her, she felt remorse after undergoing multiple procedures and, according to several interviews, places the blame for this squarely on Dr. Ryan.  And Dr. Ryan’s reply?  Well, he is unable to comment since he passed away in an automobile accident shortly after her criticisms began.

In all fairness, whether or not Heidi Montag should have undergone multiple Plastic Surgery procedures in one setting is up for debate.   I personally would have staged these procedures but that doesn’t mean that Dr. Ryan was at fault.  There are a variety of ways to safely perform elective procedures and Dr. Ryan apparently felt comfortable doing them all in one setting.  And so the true answer of who really wanted to overhaul Ms. Montag will probably never be known.

But back to her current concern:  Does liposuction really cause cellulite?  The simple answer is, No!  While liposuction can potentially lead to surface irregularities and lumpiness, it has not been linked to the formation of cellulite.  The process of cellulite formation as well as its effective treatment are both, unfortunately, not well understood.  But it is know that liposuction does not cause cellulite.

And so, for now, Ms. Montag will see a blip in her popularity and a brief rise in her online success which will both most likely fade as they did previously.  As for whether or not she should have undergone so many procedures or Plastic Surgery at all remains a topic of debate.  But, it should caution you, the consumer to be well educated before pursuing any elective procedure and drive home the importance of doing the right procedure, at the right time, for the right reason.  If not, there are far better ways to spend your money.


I hope this helps and I look forward to your feedback!